"Doomed to sail the seas forever, The Flying Dutchman is said to be packed with treasures. Produces a mystery box or clover every 30 minutes if enough well-upgraded ore is sacrified. 2016 Halloween exotic."


The Flying Dutchman is a 2016 Halloween Exotic-tier furnace that has a unique function. Every 30 minutes, if you submit 1000 well-upgraded ores, it will award you a free regular box or a lucky clover; the regular box gives the user its usual contents.

The Flying Dutchman accepts ores that are upgraded 20 or more times; this means a single Overlord Device or True Overlord Device is enough for ore to be accepted. Any less and the ores are put on fire and bounced into the air.


  • It is a Halloween themed version, and straight upgrade, from The Sunken Past.
  • The rocks on the bottom and some of the ship itself is non-collidable.
  • In the description, the word 'sacrificed' is misspelled as 'sacrified'.
  • This is the only item to be able to give Regular Boxes and Lucky Clovers.
  • The submission name, "The Ghost of Sunken's Past", may have been confirmed, but it could also be that Berezaa reskinned and added effects to The Sunken Past.
  • This item can be considered useless if the user has the Premium gamepass, as premium players can obtain clovers from Gold Crates and Regular Boxes are already very easy to obtain.
  • The name is taken from The Flying Dutchman which is a ghost ship doomed to sail the seas forever.

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