"April Fools! This snazzy mine was awarded for beating Miner's Haven 2."


The Fool's Gold Mine is an April Fool's item release on April 15th, 2017. You got this if you got the Task Master badge in the Miner's Haven 2 April Fool's release. It's a reskin of the Gold Mine with a clown cap.

Although not impressive in stats, this mine can be easily preferred over the titanic Tiny Iron Mine, as they both produce ore worth $100k each but the Tiny Iron Mine produces obnoxiously large ore, compared to the Fool's Gold Mine producing normal-sized ore.

This item can no longer be obtained as it was an April fools item. However, people can still get it.


  • The clown cap may be a reference to user Mah_Bucket as he wears the same hat and is the producer of the Miners Haven 2 April Fools Release.
  • This is the third Miner's Haven item that requires completing an objective from a game outside of Miner's Haven. The others one are the Frostarium Mine and the Frostarian Flag that requires beating a course made by the Roblox Assault Team.
  • This mine's stats were leaked on Berezaa's April 14th stream.
  • If you have this and perform The Ultimate Sacrifice, this item will not be lost or stored away just like your Discord Conveyors and Update Boards, but this changes when performing The Second Sacrifice as the item was changed from Vintage to Exotic.
  • The mine drops Fool's Gold, a name given to Pyrite, as Pyrite's metallic luster and yellowish hue gives it a close resemblance to gold. Pyrite became notorious when miners were tricked into mining it and attempting to make a profit from the mined fool's gold.
    • This could also explain why the Fool's Gold Mine was made an April Fool's game exclusive.
    • Despite Pyrite being worth a lot less than gold, the Fool's Gold Ore is worth considerably more than both the regular, excavated, and the massive ore.
  • When processed in THE UNDERTAKER if the ore is unupgraded the ore will be worth $666.

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