"Advanced freon technology has allowed for the creation of a deadly freeze ray weapon. A relic from the 2015 Holiday Event."


The Freeze-Ray Tech is a Collectible-tier weapon that was sold by Headless Santa in December 2015. This was the only weapon that had other effects than just knockback (lowering other player's walkspeed) and damage. The Freeze-Ray Tech is currently unavailable since weapon lethals were removed on March 31st, 2016.


  • As of April 7th, 2016, the Freeze-Ray Tech and all other weapons in Miner's Haven no longer do damage.
  • This was the only weapon to have a sound effect for both shooting it and when it damages a player.
  • When the guns still were usable but did no damage, this item was often used to stop other players from getting Boxes by freezing them, stopping them in their tracks.
  • This can be considered a troll item, as it could have been a nasty shock to be frozen on your way to a Mystery Box.
  • Before the gun disabling update, if you used the first 3 shots of the clip and then spam-clicked on the second clip, you would get infinite ammo until you stop spam-clicking.
  • This was the only laser gun that had a range limit.
  • This weapon could kill in two shots before the non-lethal update.
  • It's hinted that this weapon may make a return in the 2017 Winter Event, as hinted by Berezaa over the Twitter handle @HavenRblx[1].

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