"An example of luxurious tech at its finest, this tiny upgrader adds 45% to the value of any ore up to $500M. It also extinguishes any ore set on fire, preventing it from being destroyed."


The Freon-Blast Upgrader is a Unique-tier upgrader. This upgrader increases orevalue by 45%. The Freon-Blast Upgrader does not upgrade ore worth more than 500M; normally in Qn setups, this is placed at the beginning to make full use of the $500M limit.


  • It was downgraded from Legendary-tier to Unique-tier in the Gun/GUI update.
  • This item is frequently used in end-game setups (around 30 of these) to get ore the highest value as possible before it goes through limitless upgraders (typically, the Schrodinger Evaluator goes right after these).
  • These are no longer needed in a setup when a player obtains the Newtonium Mine, Yunium Mine, or the Industrial Firecrystal Mine due to their ore value being more than 500M. However, if you get a Big Bad Blaster, this is very useful with said setups.
  • It is one of the seven items that extinguishes ore lit on fire (the other six items are Wild Spore, Tesla Resetter, Freon Suppressor, Freon Sprayer, Azure Spore, and The Ultimate Sacrifice).
  • When it removes fire from ores, it turns white for half a second.
    • When the ore that passes through this is over $500M, the upgrader beam will turn red for half a second.
  • The upgrader you place and the upgrader in the thumbnail are different, as the upgrade blade is thicker in game.

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