You can tell what this page is for by its title.

Is this wikia official?

Yes, last April Berezaa endorsed this wikia on his Twitter and logged on with a wikia account that was confirmed by admins. He rarely visits the wikia and when he does he usually comments on the forums.

How do I create a forum post?

Note this has to do with forums, and NOT Wikia's new discussions platform.

  • First you navigate to the forum by going to the wiki header (the big green bar on top of the screen with sections), hover your mouse over "On the wiki" and to the far right is where the link to forums is located (also avoid hovering over the links next to on the wiki).
  • Now look through all the forum sections and see which one fits your topic, click on it.
  • Then on the top of the post lists, you should see a section called "Start a discussion", select the text input right below, type your title, and you would see another text input below which is where you type the body text of your forum post.
  • Once you're finished click "Post" and your forum post will be published!

What is a fine point upgrader?

A fine point upgrader is an upgrader with an upgrade part that only touches a small portion of the conveyor leading to ores sometimes missing the upgrade. Examples include Clockwork, Freon-Blast Upgrader, and True Overlord Device, as well as the upgrader simply named Fine-Point Upgrader.

What's the difference between a furnace and a cell furnace?

Cell furnaces only accept unupgraded ores while regular furnaces accept all ores. Cell furnaces multiply ore value by much greater amounts than regular furnaces but players can usually make more money using standard setups instead of cell furnace setups. Cell furnaces have (sometimes invisible) walls to block ore from entering by a conveyor.

Are Volcango and Santa's Chimney Cell Furnaces?

Technically they are not. Both furnaces accept ores no matter how many times they're upgraded AND accept ores that did not come directly from their dropper. They act like regular furnaces but have designs of cell furnaces with their walls. Whether a furnace is a standard furnace or a cell furnace should be determined by their effects rather than their design. Last summer TheWikiaEditMachine created a forum post regarding this and created a poll with the majority voting that Volcango should be an exception to what a cell furnace is, that would go the same for Santa's Chimney.