"Frostarium is a crucial element for the RAT war effort. The Frostarian military is willing to pay $100 for every ore."


The Frostarium Mine is a Common-tier mine. It is exclusive for players rank two or higher in the RAT (ROBLOX Assault Team). This is one of three items in Miner's Haven that is exclusive to a specific group of players (the other items being the Frostarian Flag and the Fool's Gold Mine).


  • Due to its design, some players get tricked into thinking this is an Excavator, but it's actually a mine.
  • You can obtain this mine in Daily Gifts and Mystery Boxes even if you are not in RAT.
  • This is really useful in Haven Freebuild as it gets to high millions/low billions easily when used with Cell Furnaces.
  • The description says that ores are worth $100, when they are actually worth $1k to $5k.
  • The Ultimate Update GUI covers up the purchase screens of both Frostarian Flag and Frostarium Mine with a lock screen; however, the buttons are still accessible.

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