"This item is no longer in use and will be destroyed when you Rebirth." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"Frostarium is a crucial element for the RAT war effort. The Frostarian military is willing to pay $100 for every ore." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Frostarium Mine was a Super Rare-tier (previously Common-tier) mine. It was exclusive for players rank two or higher in the RAT (ROBLOX Assault Team). As of the Resurrection Update, it is no longer in the shop, and the item will vanish if you rebirth.


  • Due to its design, some players were tricked into thinking this was an Excavator, but it's actually a mine.
  • This is really useful in Haven Freebuild as it gets to high millions/low billions easily when used with Cell Furnaces.
  • The previous description said that ores were worth $100, when they were actually worth $1k to $5k.
  • The Ultimate Update GUI covered up the purchase screens of both Frostarian Flag and Frostarium Mine with a lock screen; however, the buttons were still accessible.
  • As for anyone who had this on their 1st life and was part of R.A.T and rank 2+, it was a useful item for getting into billions/trillions.