"The Frozen Eclipse judges ore similarly to the Gate from which it was created, but also favors flaming ore."


The Frozen Eclipse is a Reborn Fusion-tier upgrader added on April 15th, 2017.

The Frozen Eclipse affects ores with random multipliers, explosions, and disappearances. If ores are on fire, a small bonus multiplier of x1.35 is stacked with the effect. The effects are listed below, with effects while the ore is on fire in square brackets:

  • Multiplies ore value by x3 [x4.05]
  • Multiplies ore value by x7 [x9.45]
  • Multiplies ore value by x13 (Addition of blue, red and green sparkles; causes snowflake symbol to blink purple) [x17.55]
  • Add $1qd to ore value [Add $1.35qd to ore value]
  • Set ore value to -$1k [no change]
  • Disappearance of ore [no change]
  • Explode ore (ore value unaffected; causes snowflake symbol to blink red) [no change]


The Frozen Eclipse is structured like the Gate of Eclipse but also has piles of snow along with snow particles making two units wider, black parts and the conveyor are recolored to shades of blue along with texture changes.

The gate itself is slightly taller and the sun symbol has been replaced with a snowflake symbol; this blinks purple if an ore receives a x13 upgrade and blinks red when an explosion occurs. The torches are larger while the statues no longer wear hoods and are now isolated in rotated ice blocks.


  • The description of this item was leaked early on Berezaa's April 14th, 2017 Twitch stream.
  • The Frozen Justice and Gate of Eclipse fused into this upgrader are currently the largest items of their tier; Frozen Justice being the largest furnace and Gate of Eclipse being the largest upgrader.
  • The decal of the Frozen Eclipse was used as the thumbnail for Miner's Haven during a part of the Easter Update 2017.
  • The snow piles are non-collidable, allowing ores to pass through them. With the hitbox set only on the upgrader itself, this can save space if one so desires.
  • With a maximum multiplier of x17.55, the Frozen Eclipse has the highest possible multiplier of all of the Gamblers items.
  • The Frozen Eclipse is one of the 6 items in Miner's Haven that give sparkles to ore, with the other 5 being Schrodinger Evaluator, Flaming Schrodinger Evaluator, Gate of Eclipse, Aether Schrodinger, and The Dreamcatcher if charged.

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