"A frozen wonder that processes flaming ore at incredible values." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"A furnace that freezes over the very matter around it. Regularly accepts ore for 6x it's value. Flaming ore is processed at x18. Flaming ore that is praised by a Schrodinger is processed at x27. Gives 5 points per 90 ore." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Frozen Justice is a Reborn-tier furnace that emits snow particles. This furnace can process ore in two different ways; normally, it processes ores at x10 its value. If the ore is on fire, it is processed at x26 its value, which is better than the Shrine of Penitence's base multiplier (x25).


  • Its power to process an ore's value at 27x was added in mid-November 2015. This has since been removed.
  • Prior to the Easter Update on 04/15/2017, the Frozen Justice previously had a base multiplier of x6 for normal ores, x18 for ores on fire and x27 if the ore was on fire and held sparkles.
  • The opposite of the Frozen Justice is the Scorching Heat.
    • Scorching Heat upgrades the cold ore at x6 its value. If the ore is on fire, it is upgrades at x2 its value.
  • This item is weaker if you are using a Tesla Resetter or The Ultimate Sacrifice as it removes the flames. However, there are some methods that can be used to sparkle ores again and reignite ores after being processed by a Tesla Resetter or The Ultimate Sacrifice, such as this clip, which uses Ore Launchers and teleporters to upgrade ores twice. This makes the Frozen Justice furnace really useful for advanced ore systems.
  • Frozen Justice is the 5th largest item (unit-wise) in the game. The fourth is the Aurora Borealis at 12x8 units, the third is The Final Upgrader at 13x7 units, the second is The Ultimate Sacrifice at 13x8 units and the first is the Tiny Iron Mine at 20x30 units.
  • Frozen Justice can be a very ineffective Rebirth item if you are not using a Portable Flamethrower or some other upgrader that sets ores on fire.
  • The Reborn Fusion of this is Frozen Eclipse. The Evolved Reborn of this is Frozen Peaks.