"An incredibly powerful reactor that gets decent value out of ore while generating research points from them. Requires heavily-upgraded ore."


The Fusion Reactor is a Mythic-tier furnace that was first unveiled on Berezaa's Twitter. It appears to be a research center as the description suggests and it gives 40 RP for every 100 accepted ores. Depending on the ore, it has to be upgraded a certain amount. If it's enough, the triangles will stay green, and the ore would be counted when getting to 100 ores for the research points. Otherwise, the ore won't be counted, and the furnace, along with the triangles, would blink red. Ores still get multiplied by five, regardless of the number of upgrades it has.


  • The Fusion Reactor is the first furnace to have any parts on the actual furnace block.
  • Putting an Atomium Mine above it will get the furnace clogged due to the water pipe on the furnace where the Atomium ores land.
  • Ever since the Fusion Reactor has been released, The Black Hole has been trumped in terms of price.
  • The Fusion Reactor is the first furnace in Miner's Haven to have other parts change colors while processing ore (the triangles on the sides change red when processing ore with a low upgrade count).
  • You can get this with a daily gift at starting money.

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