Gamepasses are bundles of perks that can be purchased for Robux and either benefit the player in the process of progressing through the game or enhance gameplay outside of making money, keep in mind that these passes are not necessary to obtain most items in game and there are many other resources in Miner's Haven to help you. Miner's Haven has a variety of current gamepasses on sale along with many gamepasses or packs that can no longer be purchased. Current gamepasses include the following:

V.I.P Membership (previously VIP Mining)

As a professional miner with a V.I.P. pass, you're entitled to some special perks other people are not.
- [VIP] before name in chat.
- Daily gift drops a Gold+ Crate on your position.
- More likely to find regular mystery boxes in Crates.
- Spawn with a doge pet 
- Better luck when opening daily gifts

All of these perks stack and are not affected by other gamepass packages.
  • VIP Costs 90 R$ making it accessible to many players.
  • The VIP chat tag is white.
  • Daily Gifts can drop a Gold Crate or sometimes a Diamond or Large uC Crates.

Premium Membership (previous Premium Mining)

The Premium miners are the most elite miners. They command respect everywhere they go. 
 Premium status is permanent and comes with these perks:
 - Get a lucky clover in EVERY gold research crate!
 - 4x the chance to open a Magnificent box when you open an unreal box!
 - 10 Crystals in daily gift instead of 1 (20 with double gift!)
 - Speak in golden chat in text and have golden particles on your character.
 - 25 Ore Limit increase regardless of level.
 - Ignore Research Point requirements!
* Premium pass is worth 800 R$.
* Changes chance to open magnificent boxes from 1/100 to 1/25.

Executive Membership (previously Executive Mining)

A gamepass for the game's biggest supporters with great perks to boast. Expensive pass, but I gotta pay for college somehow ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
 - Get a unique executive-exclusive Vintage-tier upgrader item, a collectable-tier infuser item and 5 inferno boxes. 
 - Get an Inferno Box every day in your Daily Gift. - Red chat and red [EXEC] before name in in-game chat 
 - Daily gift drops a special Executive Crate from the sky which raises stats and gives a random weapon for one life. Chance to obtain Inferno Boxes & Lucky Clovers. 
 - Spawn with red particles on your character. 
Any ideas for future perks? Tweet me @berezaagames
  • Executive Membership Costs 2450 R$.
  • Up to 6 uC in daily gift.
  • Change the Local Radio music for free, as long as you are not skipping (Local radio was removed ??/??/2016)
  • Your character leaves a trail of small red particles
  • You'll recieve the Minigun which works again as the update of Summer 2017.
  • The randomized weapon has a chance of being the Illumina from the Sword Master gamepass, or an AUG. Both don't kill. However, a daily gift is the only way to obtain the AUG, as it has no giver item.
  • 5 free Inferno Boxes when you first buy Executive Mining.
  • Increased your baseplate sizes to 700 units (56x56).

Shout Colors (previously Shout Colorizer)

Set the exact color of all of your shouts before you send them!
  • Allows you to customize the text color of your shout and have a highlight which you can also customize the color of. The highlight appears around the text.
  • Every shout costs 80 uC.
  • For every shout you get, you obtain a Regular Box. (Currently at the time of 4/9/18, you get no box for shouting.)
  • Includes proof reading.
The Shout Colorizer is great for players that like to shout and as seen in-game, very popular among users who shout.

Base Radio

Play whatever music you want on your Miner's Haven base! Choose from a preset selection of songs or enter your own from the Roblox website! Your radio will override the default game music for anyone who is on your base. Additionally, song selection will save so that you will always be playing with your favorite music.
The Base Radio pass features six preset songs and costs 200 R$.

Discontinued Gamepasses


Sword Master

The Sword Master Gamepass was designed for players who were serious about combat prior to March 2016 when combat was removed from Miner's Haven. Perks include the following:

  • An additional 3 walkspeed and 25 health.
  • A free Illumina, which granted an increase of 5 walkspeed.
  • A free invisibility orb, lasting up to 5 seconds.
In August 2016, 5 months after the removal of combat in Miner's Haven, everybody owning the Sword Master gamepass obtained a free Vintage-tier furnace, the Sword Master's Spirit which was a powerful furnace upon release. Players kept the perks they had obtained from the pass. The Sword Master originally costed 700 R$, but was brought back on the Black Friday 2016 Twitch stream at 1,000 R$ for one minute. The reason why for the price increased is that berezaa wanted to be fair to players who originally purchased Sword Master for R$700. Berezaa had stated multiple times that the pass was for die hard competitionists who wanted the pass for the sake of having everything in Miner's Haven and that there were no big benefits of owning the pass after the removal of combat.

Multiplayer Island


The Multiplayer Island was discontinued as Berezaa replaced it with Private Servers in May 2016. Upon purchasing the pass, players could create their own private servers with island maps and invite their friends to play on it. Players were also rewarded with a Pineapple Refiner when you created the server.


Packs were item bundles that could be purchased for robux and were available upon launch but removed later in 2015. Here are the following packs and the items awarded upon purchasing the packs:

Pirate Pack

  • 1 Flintlock Table (Became available in the uC shop but became collectible after the discontinuation of combat in March 2016.)
  • 2 Pirate Loot Collectors (Moved to the uC shop after the removal of the pack.)
  • 10 Pirate Wall (Removed after the removal of the pack but became available from The Masked Man upon release in May 2016.)

Ninja Pack

  • 1 Sacred Katana Stand (Placed in the uC shop after the removal of the pack but removed with the discontinuation of combat in March 2016.)
  • 6 Ninja Diamond Mines (Has been available in the uC shop after the removal of the pack.)

Teleport Pack

  • 2 Orange Teleporters (Reciever, both items in this pack were placed in the uC shop where they can currently be found after the removed of the pack.)
  • 6 Orange Teleporters (Sender)

Walls Pack


Rainbow Pack


  • Gamepasses tend to go on sale during special and seasonal events, most of the time.
  • If you have [VIP] and you buy Premium, it will always be [PREM], while buying Executive mining replaced them both with [EXEC], as there is no way to switch them.
  • If you have the golden Premium particles, they will be replaced with red Executive particles, as there is no way to switch them.
  • The V.I.P Mining Gamepass, during the Black Friday 2016 sale, was put on sale for 1 R$ for at least 1 minute, with the 55 uC and 120 uC products on sale for a few seconds for 1 R$.
  • Berezaa is considering giving Executive members an increased base size.