"The Ghost of Christmas Past hovers far from your setup, upgrading ores from a distance. 2016 Holiday Exotic item." (ITEM DESCRIPTION)
"Huh.. pretty sure it isn't supposed to do that. Gift opens on Christmas Day." (GIFT DESCRIPTION)


The Ghost of Christmas Past is a long portable Christmas Exotic upgrader that upgrades ores based on their orevalue. Due to the length of its upgrader beam it can be place far away from a conveyor and still work making it easier to work with than other upgraders in general.

The multiplier changes with ore value. The multiplier is x10k for ores under or equal to $10, x1k for ores from $11 to $500, and x2.45 for ores anywhere above $500. The type of ore doesn't matter.

Players who are on their first life are recommended to place this item near the start of their setup as it can jump start ore value better than the Cursed Ore Purifier, assuming ore value is below $500.

This item was originally the Haunted Floating Purple Gift, added during Part 1 of the 2016 Holiday Update. The gift opened on Christmas, revealing the Ghost of Christmas Past.


  • This is the only portable upgrader that has a long range upgrade beam; this also means it can be used with upgraders with a large size, such as a Quantum Ore Cleaner.
  • This is the strongest upgrader, but only for ore worth $10 or less; the next strongest is Vampire Spore.