"A yummy gingerbread house that turns ore into even yummier gum drops! 2016 Holiday Exotic." (ITEM DESCRIPTION)
"There's a note from Headless Santa: "i promise the isn't tree on this gift!".Opens on Christmas Day" (GIFT DESCRIPTION)


The Gingerbread House is an Exotic-tier upgrader released on Christmas. It currently increases orevalue by 5x. It requires a Large Conveyor Ramp in order to get ores in the upgrader. The Gingerbread house transforms ores into gumdrops, as it states in the description. Some gumdrops will fall down the sides of the roof.

Their sphere shape causes them to roll making the use of conveyor walls necessary. Ores will also have a hard time going up ramps because they tend to roll back down. This can be resolved by using a Nuclear Conveyor before a ramp.


  • It is the only way-up-high conveyor upgrader that has its conveyor completely encapsulated, unlike the Alien Relic and Ore Transistor.
  • The gumdrops sometimes spawn on top of the house. This happens because of how ROBLOX handles part shape changes. Changing the shape has a side effect where collisions are recalculated and the part is moved to an open area above the collision.
  • This is the only item in the game that changes the shape of ores.
    • The 'Ol Faithful's ores can still become larger after going through this upgrader.
    • Noobite Mine's head shaped ores retain their head mesh shape, but still have the sphere collider.
    • The radius of Dreamer's Fright leaf gumdrops depends on the largest size axis.
  • The Gingerbread House used to multiply ore value by 4, but the update on New Years Day buffed the ore value multiplier to 5.