"The innocent golden flame of the clover blaster is slow-buring and upgrades ores once. Luckily it does not explode. 2017 March Exotic."


The Golden Clover Blaster is an Exotic tier portable upgrader bought from the Leprechaun for the price of 150 Golden Clovers. It multiplies ore value by 4x, but it can only do this once (without a Tesla Resetter). It is a non-loopable but much safer substitute to the other blasters due to it's slow burning time and that it will not create explosions when putting ores through it.


  • It has the same low-end multiplier value of the Dragonglass Blaster, at 4x, with a significantly smaller explosion radius.
  • The Golden Clover Blaster is the 4th blaster in Miner's Haven and the first that is not obtainable via Rebirth.
  • The Golden Clover Blaster does not seem to destroy or blow up ores. Instead, it sets ores that go through it on fire which get destroyed after 4-5 seconds if not put out.
  • This is the first non-looping blaster and the first blaster to be an Exotic tier item.
  • The Golden Clover Blaster was not included in boxes during Exotic Day, along with Blood Magic and Submitter Trophy.

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