"The innocent golden flame of the clover blaster is slow-buring and upgrades ores once. Luckily it does not explode. 2017 March Exotic."


The Golden Clover Blaster is an Exotic-tier portable upgrader bought from the Leprechaun for the price of 150 Golden Clovers. It multiplies ore value by 4x, but it can only do this once (without a Tesla Resetter). It is a non-loopable but much safer substitute to the other blasters due to it's slow burning time and that it will not create explosions when putting ores through it.


  • It has the same low-end multiplier value of the Dragonglass Blaster, at 4x, with a significantly smaller explosion radius.
  • The Golden Clover Blaster is the 4th blaster in Miner's Haven and the first that is not obtainable via Rebirth.
  • The Golden Clover Blaster does not seem to destroy or blow up ores. Instead, it sets ores that go through it on fire which get destroyed after 4-5 seconds if not put out.
  • This is the first non-looping blaster and the first blaster to be an Exotic-tier item.
  • The Golden Clover Blaster was not included in boxes during Exotic Day, along with Blood Magic and Submitter Trophy.