This guide is a guide for people who have quite a million money and want to move on. The way I did this was:

This turned out to be a very useless and not so amazing technique because it took quite a bit of time to get my money.

  1. The Get Lucky Crates Technique.
  2. The Conveyor Technique.
  3. Cell Furnaces Technique.

In the Get Lucky Crates Technique, just get crates, and hope for a Pirate's Loot Collector or Radium Mine, and you've hit the jackpot.

In the other one, the conveyor technique, use Solar Large Upgraders until you reach ores worth $5000, and then use

and watch the money roll in.

The third technique is to use cell furnaces. At first, use many Remote Diamond Mines and Cell Incinerators. Once you obtain $1.45B, buy the Cell Processor and Plutonium Excavator. Use two buttons at a time for more money, and save up for the Way-Up-High Upgrader for use in a loop.

Thanks for reading this guide. This will help a lot of people out and enjoy your life and enjoy Miner's Haven.

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