"Hades' wrath and jealousy are unmatched. The ore from this terrifying mine will consume all it touches. 2016 Halloween Event relic."


The Hades' Fang is an Exotic tier mine released on 10/14/2016 (part 1 of the 2016 Spooky Update). When ores from Hades's Fang makes contact with any other ore, it increases the value of that ore by 20% then absorbs that ore, taking its value.

The tags and effects from the consumed ore are also retained, such as fire or sparkles. Only a single Hades' Fang ore can be present on the user's base at one time, unless the player decides to withdraw the Hades' Fang and then replace it. However, the old ore will lose its effect of being able to consume ores and their effects, and will act as a standard ore.


  • SwiftDoge suggested the stats for this item before the Halloween update of 2016 was released. Berezaa was actually thinking of an extremely similar idea when he stated it, surprisingly.
  • It originally said 'RIP lord Berezaa' on the grave the submission, but Berezaa changed this to 'RIP lord BuildIntoGames'.
  • Hades' Fang is one of the 11 mines to not have "Mine" in its name. The other 10 are Breech Loader, 'Ol Faithful, Santa's Workshop, Autumn Breeze, Spookmaster-5000, SpookLord-95,000, Diamond Breech Loader, Gold Excavator, Plutonium Excavator, Osmium Excavator, and Massive Diamond Drill. (Autumn Breeze is a mine and an upgrader.)
  • The ore sometimes bugs up, and stops "consuming" other ores once it consumes another hades' ore. This bug also occurs if the mine from which the ore came from is not present on the user's base.  
  • The Hades' Fang ore will steal all effects from ores, such as the TIX decal on the TIX from the Ore Tixicator, the noob Face on Noobite ore, the azure flame from Symmetrium ore, sparkles from judgemental systems, the fidget spinner models of the Spinnerite Mine's ore, etc.  
  • There was a glitch with the Industrial Ore Welder, this item and another dropper. When the ore consumed an ore, it was able to be upgraded again by the Welder. You were able to get infinite money using this bug. This is already patched.  
  • There was a glitch where you couldn't place it down to a conveyor.
    • This has been fixed.