"A half-sized conveyor used for high-level miners to better channel their ore."


The Half Conveyor, like the name suggests, is a 1x2 conveyor that is half the length of a Basic Conveyor. It's the first item in the conveyor shop that costs more than 25Qn.


  • Players lucky enough to receive one as a daily gift in one of their first lives can sell it and get WAY closer to rebirth (37.2% closer to 25Qn).
  • This item is considered obsolete by most, as two Tiny Conveyors will do the same job for much cheaper. The only advantage is that the Half Conveyor has walls, but this is not enough to make it worth the price. However, this is quicker to place than 2 tiny conveyors, which could save time for speed runs.
  • Strangely enough, the description is the same as the Tiny Conveyor's.