The 2017 Halloween Event is an ongoing Miner's Haven event that begun with Part I on 24 October 2017. This update introduced a new limited-edition box, new items, as well as the return of the Headless Horseman. This is the third annual Halloween event, following 2015 and 2016.

Part I Changelog (10/24/2017)


  • Map has been re-colored to fit the autumn theme, as well as adding Halloween-themed props, like gravestones and pumpkins
  • New day/night music exclusive to Halloween 2017
  • The Headless Horseman has returned with brand-new offers, including the all new Pumpkin Box Bundle
    • To accompany this, the merchant system has been fixed
  • Your base now gives off a bit of light to help sighting at night

New Items

Mystery Boxes

  • New limited-edition box: Pumpkin Box
    • Contains some of the relics from the past two halloween events
    • The two new Halloween collectibles can be found in no other box than the Pumpkin Box
  • Pirate Cove and Ancient Magic are retired from Mystery Boxes

Part II Changelog (10/28/2017)

Mystery Boxes

  • Pumpkin Boxes can now be earned for free from weary ghosts which only appear at night
    • You have a chance to get Pumpkin Boxes when you click on a weary ghost
    • A chat notification will appear when a weary ghost has spawned.
  • Overhauled Mystery Box GUI added, located right back in its old spot, under the Daily Gift.
    • The Lucky Clover / Twitch Coin toggles and counters are back in full force as well.
    • The unboxing GUI is also plastered in the center of the new box GUI
    • The Inventory still has the Mystery Box tab however.

New Items