"Send your ore to a haunted carnival for a good time! Relic of the 2016 Halloween Event."


The Haunted Carnival is a Collectible-tier cell furnace. Its processing value seems to be scaling, with less valuable ores getting more out of it. It is one of the most powerful items in the game for the amount it's worth.


  • The Haunted Carnival was the first reborn-proof Headless Horseman item sold for cash. The first item to be sold for cash at all was Diamond Falls.
  • This trumps the Sacrificial Cell due to its extremely high multiplier. However, it only has 1 side available for a mine to be used, compared to the Sacrificial Cell's two-side availability.
  • Apparently, the money it shows after it gets processed is not exactly the right value. This may be a bug or part of the item. This is the second furnace/cell furnace that doesn't show the right value. The first one was The Fracture which was patched.
  • The big Ferris Wheel in the center of the cell is non-collidable.
  • This is one of the few items that add cash onto an ore's value before multiplying. This means raw coal ores can be used with this item and be worth $800B, which is not recommended.
  • This is the third fastest furnace to get RP (100 RP / 160 ores), with the first being Thingamajig (10 RP / 8 ores) and second the Eternal Journey (7 RP / 10 ores). Also, this item beats the Spooky Research Center (10 RP / 30 ores) at 100PP/160 ores)
  • This item is very efficient for its cost. It costed only trillions of dollars and can make trillions back by placing a Basic Iron Mine or Ninja Diamond Mine along with it.