"A cursed infuser that grants +10 Speed at the cost of -25 MaxHealth. You can only be infused once."


The Haunted Infuser is an Exotic-tier infuser that was added in the first phase of the Spooky Update, on October 10th, 2015. During the second phase of the update, it was sold by the Headless Horseman NPC at the top of the mountain for between 350 and 1.2k uCrystals. It also (like all other Exotic Items) had a chance to be unboxed from a mystery box.


  • The Haunted Infuser is now the third best infuser for speed, the second best being Righteous Will, and the best being the Executive Infuser.
  • This Exotic-tier item is the most common Exotic-tier item in the game, as it's not rare at all, but still worth being an Exotic-tier with +10 speed.
  • Unlike other infusers, this item returns to your inventory when you rebirth, instead of staying at your base.