Haven Freebuild (HFB) is a sub-variant of Miner's Haven made as a testing game by berezaa that allows up to eight players at once build and play Miner's Haven with each-other on a baseplate. Daily gifts on HFB do not sync with the real Miner's Haven gifts and are completely separate. Data from the real Miner's Haven does not carry over to HFB and vice-versa. Gamepasses carry over to HFB and act accordingly, including Artifacts. Gamepasses such as the Rainbow and Pirate Packs do not award the user their benefits upon entry.


Differences between MH and HFB

  • Data does not save.
  • (some) codes that are now expired work in HFB.
  • A larger placing field has been established (a large baseplate).
  • Players now share Ore Limits.
    • The Ore Limit has also been drastically increased.
  • Other players can benefit off of one's ore vales.
  • Game uses MH build that was sourced pre-Outdoors Update.
  • The uC section of the shop is inaccessible.
  • Certain items behave differently than in the prime game.
  • The music selection is limited, as the new tracks have not been added yet.


  • The current build of HFB is before the Outdoors Update and before the Ore Tixicator was added to Miner's Haven. The Beehive is still able to be unboxed in HFB.
  • Players on HFB are notorious for 'hijacking' other user's setups and causing havoc. Some players spam Coal Mines to lag the server and fill the Ore Limit because coal does not disappear when it hits the baseplate.
  • All purchases on HFB are broken and don't work. (Second Daily Gift, uC purchases, gamepasses, etc.)
  • Any code that is available around the time of the Outdoors Update works on HFB, but can only be used once. Many users create alternate accounts and use inferno codes to try to earn vintages.
  • Codes that work on HFB are springvibes, springvibespt2, underpalmtrees, gimmiedemuc, omg60K!!, secret code, i<3haven, :), :(, :O, :P,:D

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