The Health Infuser has been discontinued on March 31st, 2016 and has been replaced with the Thrust Infuser as seen on the uC Shop.

"A machine that infuses anyone who touches it with +25 MaxHealth. Players can only be infused once per life."


Health Infuser is an intermediate infuser and is one of two infusers that increase health, the other being Righteous Will. The three other infusers that handle health are Regeneration Infuser, Executive Infuser,  and Haunted Infuser.


  • All shop infusers were moved to the uC shop on March 31st 2016 and renamed. Some of them were either re-worked or replaced.
  • Health Infuser looks similar to Lucky Infuser and Thrust Infuser.
  • An early version of the Health Infuser can be found in berezaa's inventory. Note it looks similar to the Haste Infuser.

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