"Provides several great upgrades for ores, provided they are on fire when they pass through."


The Heat Condenser is a Rare-tier upgrader that was released in the Second Sacrifice Update. Previously, this upgrader didn't work even when the ores were on fire. On the 10/9/2017 patch, it has been fixed.

This upgrader has a design with two conveyors in one. The first conveyor is slightl raised but is on a lower elevation than the Conveyor Ramp. When the ore hits the beams, the ore falls onto the second conveyor which is on ground level. Due to the pipes on the conveyor, large ores cannot pass through.


  • The upgrader was broken upon release to where it would not work at all. This issue was fixed as of 10/08/2017.
  • This upgrader does in fact work with ores that are produced on fire meaning you don't need an upgrader that sets ore on fire. This includes the Symmetrium Mine, Symmetryte Mine, Symcorpium Mine and the Incendium Mine.