"They thought it was impossible... to create a conveyor out of nothing but stale memes..."


The Heavenly Conveyor is the second item in Miner's Haven to be completely based off a joke; the first being THE UNDERTAKER (a furnace that gives you 0.5% of the ore's value). The Heavenly Conveyor is a collectible tier conveyor that goes at twice the speed of a Nuclear Conveyor and is reborn proof. It was only obtainable through the code, "gotothep0lls" (case sensitive) revealed on Berezaa's stream on 11/04/2016, and is now unobtainable as of 11/09/2016.

Its color scheme is much different from all the other Miner's Haven items, with a blue base and a yellow conveyor part with a text saying 'Pokémon go to the furnace'.


  • This item is based off the popular mobile game in 2016 called Pokemon GO.
  • The item's name is based on the developer HeavenLogin, creator of ROBLOX Pokémon GO.
    • This conveyor was probably made to make fun of HeavenLogin after he stole the Trade-O-Tron-3000 from Azure Mines, another one of Berezaa's games.
  • It was most likely inspired by the quote from US politician and 2016 Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton's Pokemon GO to the polls quote (please note the main video on this page has been deemed ROBLOX appropriate but the rest of the page and the website may not be ROBLOX appropriate)
  • This is currently the fastest conveyor in the game.
  • The hitbox for the item is buggy. Players are able to place some items halfway inside of it (such as Overlord/True Overlord Device)
  • It is only possible to receive one of these, therefore not letting the fastest conveyor in the game use its full potential.
  • Despite the similar name, this item has no connection with the Heavenly Infuser or Heavenly Forge.

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