"a massive furnace that adds $1,000 to ore and THEN quintiples the value. Gives 4 Points per 100 ore." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"A peak of human creation that adds $100 to ore and THEN quintuples the value. Gives 4 Points per 100 ore." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Heavenly Forge is a Super Rare-tier furnace. This is the last furnace in the shop that continues the trend of having capsules next to the actual furnace. This furnace is commonly used in mid-game setups.


  • It's one of two furnaces that adds a sum of money then multiplies ore's value (the other furnace is the Ore Encapsulator).
  • Compared to the Sacrificial Altar, the Heavenly Forge works more effectively on ores worth less than $250.
  • This, along with the Ore Encapsulator mentioned above and Pirate's Loot Collector are the only furnaces in the entire game that can process raw/unupgraded coal and get an actual profit.
  • There are two errors in the description of this item. A is not capitalized, and Quintuples is missplled as Quintiples.

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