"Ore that comes in contact with this furnace is wisped away into the wind. If it is returned to the furnace it'll be processed at x200."


The Heavenly Wisp is an Exotic-tier Item. Whenever an ore enters this furnace, it is given a glow and teleported away randomly (but still close by). ONLY if the ore is returned to the Heavenly Wisp, it will be multiplied by x200.


  • When this furnace was released, The Wubium Mine and the Volcango were no longer to be unboxed.
  • There is a glitch where if there are ores that are "wisped" away and you remove the furnace, the ores will be glitched into the air with the glow effect.
  • The Heavenly Wisp came in second place in the MHCI Prehistoric Contest.
  • The ores can be deposited within 10x10 of the placing units away from the furnace part when they are wisped away.

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