"The mysterious bog doubles the value of any ore the passes through. Good luck finding your ore, though. 2016 Halloween Event Item."


The Hopeless Bog is a 2016 Halloween Collectible-tier item. It doubles ore value like many other upgraders. However, the Hopeless Bog has a unique effect that will make any ore that passes through invisible (not destroyed).

This makes it hard to tell where the ore is or if it's destroyed or not unless it has a tag effect like fire or sparkles or if it's tagged with an Ore Tracker or Premium Tracker. It's recommended to place this item near the end of a setup if you're worried if an ore makes it.


  • Even when the upgrader is supposed to blink, it's still fully transparent.
  • This is one of a few upgraders with a conveyor of which the material is something different than smooth plastic.
  • If an ore is teleported after being upgraded by this item, it will become fully visible.