"A horrifying version of the dragon blaster that hits ores three times at once."


The Hydra Blaster is an Evolved Reborn variant of the Dragon Blaster that was released on the Miner's Haven Resurrection update on the September 19th, 2017. It was revealed during Berezaa's YouTube Stream on August 23rd 2017.

This initially upgrades ore by x7, igniting them on fire with a chance of explosions. After three seconds this process repeats two more times, with every time upgrading ore by x7, setting the ore on fire, and having a chance for exploding.

If an ore is already on fire before entering the flames of a Hydra Blaster, the x343 is applied simultaneously, meaning no waiting has to be done.

If the ore survives all three upgrades, the resulting multiplier is a whopping x343, the best out of any portable upgrader.


The Hydra Blaster has three dragon heads instead of one and has skinnier fire coming out of each header compared to Dragon's Blaster giant fire shaped like a triangular prism.


  • Before the update at 9/23/17, the Hydra Blaster wouldn't destroy nor explode ores, enabling it to another infinite money bug.
  • The Hydra, the basis of this Evolved Reborn, is a creature more prominently depicted in Greek and Roman mythology.
  • The Hydra Blaster is buffed to a multiplier of x5 each upgrade in The Layout Update. It is now a x7-each-upgrade blaster and has less violent explosions in the 100 Million Visits Event.
  • Hydra Blaster's requirement is now 12 Dragon Blasters, used to be 15.
  • In Greek mythology, the Hydra had 9 heads.
  • Creator's Note - "I made this because my sister really likes Greek mythology and they told me to make a dragon blaster evo so I thought, what's better than a dragon? A hydra obviously, 3 times the heads must mean 3 times the power and with skin the shade of nacho cheese doritos you can't disagree."