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Fyreboy5's Exotic Box: A Birthday Reward

Description: An incredibly rare box containing every exotic from years past. It is so rare, that one can only find it on a single day every year, and not everyone can find it on the same same day.... Happy birthday, fellow miner!

Summary: This Exotic Box contains every non-unique exotic. Any exotic which has a special requirement, out of game (Submitter Trophy) or game progress (Statue of Sacrifice) will not be in the box. This will provide access to Blood Magic, which was once accessed by rebirth, and Golden Clover Blaster, bought for golden clovers.

It is a special reward for logging in on your own birthday. For example, if your birthday is October 1st, and you log in on October 1st, then you can get the box. When opened, a global message will be sent to all servers, saying you opened the box and to wish you a happy birthday, with the stating that the box was opened to prevent some potential confusion that you got Hades' Fang, for example.

The ScarceBit Suggestion Pack 2

Daily Quests

This might be a side-quest when you're not on your base. Basically a NPC gives you five quests to complete, each day it refreshes with 5 new quests. The quests themselves will each give some uC, RP, and/or boxes upon completion and if you complete all 5 quests for the day you get a "puzzle piece". These may be needed to fill in a puzzle if which completed, it may award you an exclusive item.

Base Radio Playlists

It really stinks that Base Radio could only play one song at a time. This idea explains it through its name-- create a playlist to listen to music at your base. It'd also be nice if the Tobu music came back.

Crate Merchant 2.0 and Exotic Box

The Crate Merchant instead would be an outpost for almost anything box-related. He'll keep the daily box rewards, but he'll now have a GUI to serve Mystery Box Trade-Ins. Trade in lower-class Mystery Boxes for higher-tier stuff. Although the deals are pretty excessive, it's the best I could do for it not to be a breeze for box farmers.

  • 45 Regular Boxes -> 1 Inferno Box
  • 25 Inferno Boxes -> 1 Spectral Box
  • 5 Red-Banded Boxes -> 1 Luxury Box
  • 10 Spectral Boxes -> 1 Exotic Box

"A time-bending box which seems to hold all but some exotics from years past."

And yep you saw that right. Berezaa has said on multiple occasions that, despite continuous community requests, there will never be another Exotic Day. You can't make everyone happy, but this resolution will hopefully go well. To compensate for no Exotic Day, I came up with the Exotic Box, which will hold nothing but exotics from events past so that you don't get your 10 Spectral Boxes ripped off with a Green Teleporter.

Items will go into designations depending on their date of release and date of retirement. No, non-Mystery Box Exotics like Blood Magic and Golden Clover Blaster will be excluded from Exotic Boxes.

Items Event/Season Specific item(s) reason for designation

Haunted Infuser

Autumn Breeze

Heavenly Wisp

Hades’ Fang

Flying Dutchman



Transylvania Refiner

Hungry Spirit

Halloween Autumn Breeze and Heavenly Wisp were still in boxes when Halloween 2016 Part I dropped. Otherwise, all were exotics during the Halloween Events.
Santa’s Sleigh

Santa’s Workshop

Gingerbread House

Santa’s Chimney

Ghost of Christmas Past

Festive Spirit


Permafrost Refiner

Grand Christmas Tree

Snowglobe Refiner

Santa’s Deluxe Sleigh

Holidays All were exotics during the Holiday season.
The Beehive

Ore Tixicator



Icosahedron Flood Light

Spring Innovation events count as Spring events (because I don't feel like that there could be one-item designations as Icosahedron was released in February, and the Beehive and Equinox appeared together) Also, although released in three different updates, the Spring, Tix, and Outdoors Updates can be considered to be spring-themed.
Clover Shrine

Pot of Gold

Golden Clover Both were exotics during the Golden Clover Event.
The Easter Shrine

Easter Bunny

Diamond Egg

Easter All were exotics during the Easter Event.
Birthday Cake

Grand Birthday Cake

Strawberry Cake

Birthdays All were exotics during the Miner's Haven Birthday Events.
Wubium Mine



Summer All were exotics during the summer of their respective years.
Ancient Magic

Pirate Cove

Resurrection These items get their own designation because they were removed from boxes when Halloween 2017 Part I dropped (and I don't feel like there should be an autumn leaf as an icon). They were also the two exotics associated with the Resurrection Update.

The Third Sacrifice

The Third sacrifice is the true end game. Instead if life S+1000 needed to sacrifice You need to be S+10000 The life number changes from S+... to $×... At life $×25 you'll receibe THE GRAND FINAL UPGRADER. which does ×5000, removes tags, sets upgarde counter to 0, makes ores fireproof, makes ores 2.5× more immune to explosions, best part is it resets the tesla resseter alowing for 4 tods instead of 2 or 3 for a grand total of 5,000,000,000×. Unlock a new tier called "GODLY" in cursive and black and gold text These items include: Holy infuser: (+24 speed, +120% health, +18 jump, ×2 regen, makes everything 5× cheaper.) Life required S×100 reborn rarity 6 Golden blaster: (×12, sets ore on fire, 8% chance to explode) life required 1, reborn rarity 2 Heavens gates: (x500) life required 200, reborn rarity 3 Underworld: (multiplies ores with even value by 15000× one with odd 100000x) life required 150, reborn rarity 4 Calafornium mine: (ores worth $100t-$25qd, drop rate:5/second, ore size:4 studs, immune to fire, super heavy, can be remotley activated for extra speed and more value, ore value doubles per click.) Life required $×50 reborn earity 5 Eternal hole: (ores are 1×e^2.5, then times by 1t) Life required 1, reborn rarity 0.1 Godlys are obtained by rebirthing at random Chances increase with the more ultimate shards you have Chances also increase by the amount of money when rebirthing Obtain the finale badge when sacrificing Obtain the grand finale badge when life $×10000 is reached Rebirth prices go up quite drasticly when life $×26 is reached the usual is "3.8sx" now it is "240sx".

Second Sacrifice Leagues

The daily season reset (seasons happen every month) will be Life s-2000, and the players try to rebirth as much as they can within the month span. When the season ends everyone's lives go back down to s-2000, the top 200 will get unique prizes. People participating in the league won't be left out, as they will get prizes as well, but in a smaller scale than what you'd get if you were in the top 200.

Prize List

The better you do, the better the prizes.

  • 1 - 10 Inferno Boxes
  • 1 - 50 Unreal Boxes
  • 1 - 200 Regular Boxes
  • 1 - 25 Lucky Clovers
  • 1 - 15 Twitch Coins
  • 30 - 500 uC
  • Respective League Trophies (see Leagues below)


  • 1st - 3rd place = Diamond Breech League
  • 4th - 10th place = Breech League
  • 11th - 25th place = Dragonglass League
  • 26th - 50th place = Symmetrium League
  • 51st - 80th place = Atomium League
  • 81st - 100th place = Yunium League
  • 101st - 125th place = Newtonium League
  • 126th - 150th place = Firecrystal League
  • 151st - 160th place = Mithril League
  • 161st - 170th place = Osmium League
  • 171st - 180th place = Diamond League
  • 181st - 190th place = Golden League
  • 191st - 200th place = Silver League
  • Below 200th place = Iron League

Suggested Buffs and Why

  • Kappa Investor The stats on this item are so bad it should have its tier questioned. And the fact that this exotic is available all-year round reinforces that...questioning.
  • Copper Mine Atrocious ore value, drop rate...yeah.
  • THE UNDERTAKER John Cena isn't rich enough
  • Twitch-Powered Upgrader Since it's rarer than Lunar Refiner, at least make it do something than just a measly 60% increase. Make it do x4.5.
  • Tiny Iron Mine The orevalue matches Pyrite Mine (Fool's Gold)
  • Ancient Temple Since the nerf, fewer people are using it now. In high-level setups, it could reduce all ore to $0. Also, due to the game's use of Cash Suffixes, it's hard to tell which ores are divisible by seven.
  • Solar Flare Even with the buff, take the Dreamer's Fright and combine that with box-hunting motives and you got one useless item.
  • Professional Upgrader Dank memes deserve more respect. COME ON BEREZAA

Sandbox Mode

Gamepass at R$100,000 which has the following effects:

-Extended Baseplate

-Makes all items Reborn-Proof and Soulbound

-Gives the player infinite amounts of every item

-Ability to place multiple items in one

The Phenomenon (Aiyanite)

When the moments you have experienced like getting your dream reborn item, getting a very great reborn item and everything was not enough, I introduce "The Phenomenon".

How to get the Phenomenon

There are 3 ways to gain this item.

1. Reaching S-5000+

2. Obtaining it from a Magnificent Box (0.000001% chance)

3. Reaching the money value of 1 x 10 to the power of 500

The Phenomenal Planet

Gaining "The Phenomenon" gives a new choice when starting Miner's Haven. There were only 2, the Play, and Play Solo, now when you get the Phenomenon, you'll see "Warp" option. It will Warp you to the nearest Phenomenal Planet to play.

Every item is greatly upgraded like Iron Mine, $2, here, $50. Phenomenal-Tiered items can only be recieved in this mode.

Phenomenal-Tiered Items

The Phenomenon

Tier : Phenomenal

Type : Upgrader

Magical uses of the Phenomenon is virally indigenous. It is surprised by the blessings of the almighty Rainbownium ores.

More in the future.

Overlord Maker (Aiyanite)

The Ultimate Overlord

"Gifted from the greatest gods above, It's power is so strong it can make the world go to a different universe, and it can expectidely upgrade an ore supremely big."

Tier : Ultimate Fusion

The Ultimate Overlord is the strongest item known to miners from now. It multiplies ore according to the upgrader multipliers (ex x4 times x10 times x12) then multiplies it and is a third Tesla.

If you have True Overlord Device, this Upgrader is great. If you used a great item that has a HIGH multiplier, it works the best.

Best Combinations of The Ultimate Overlord (Miner's Haven items)

Combination Multiplier Multipliers higher than
3 True Overlord Device, Tesla Resetter, The Ultimate Sacrifice 5000000x!!!! (If Ult. Sac blinks yellow) (OMG) EVERYTHING!!
Ghost of Christmas Past and True Overlord Device 1000000x!!!! (If Ore <$10) (OMG) ALMOST EVERYTHING!
True Overlord Device and Winterheart 50000x!!! (If below $500) Almost Everything!!
3 Overlord Device, Tesla Resetter, The Ultimate Sacrifice 50000x!!! (If Ult. Sac blinks yellow) Almost Everything!!
2 True Overlord Device & Tesla Resetter 10000x!! Almost Everything.
True Overlord Device and The Ultimate Sacrifice 5000x (if Ult. Sac. Blinks yellow) Almost Everything.
True Overlord Device and Quantum Clockwork 2000x (If hit fine-point) Almost everything
True Overlord Device and Big Bertha 1200x Almost everything
True Overlord Device and Gate of Eclipse 1100x (if gotten 11x) Almost Everything

Nuclear Overlord Device

"The radioactive waste from a device explodes up to create something. The Device was known as a Nuclear Powered upgrader."

Tier : Ultimate

The Nuclear Overlord Device does 3,500x!!! Like what. It is obtained for getting $1 Quadragintillion. A Catalyzed Star will help.

Alpha Overlord Device

"In the futuristic days, there was a Device that ruled everything up from the upgraders. Apparently, it was sent to Alpha Version, mad early it, and looked futuristic."

Tier: Ultimate

An Alpha Overlord Device does 10,000x!!! And just like Ghost of Christmas Past if below $10.

True Ultimate Overlord

"The says it had been, it was a lie, this became the truth of the Overlords. There is known secrets here as there are 2 ways."

Tier: Ultimate Fusion

Just the description says, "The True Ultimate Overlord is the only one that has 2 ways to be upgraded."

True Ultimate Overlord's 1st way

If you place it, it first does the first way. There is also a button that you can press.

Money Value Multiplier Effects Scale of 100
Negative (-) Bumps up to $1qd 98
$1 - $1K Value to the third power Like this: 1K x 1K x 1K 83
$1K - $200K Value squared Adds sparkles (200K x 200K) 76
$200K - $1M x2 up to $1M Example : 999K x 2 = 1.998 M 43
$1M - $500M A 3-time upgrade of x10 Adds fire too! AAHHHH!! 47
$500M - $50B Value squared $1B x $1B = $1Qn 100
$50B - $1T x5 until 1T Gives sparkles and fire 56
$1T - $999T Adds 50Qn then x5 Gives Illuminati

sparkles (education)

$1qd - $500qd x5 but a good chance to


Explodes the Ores : 25% 30
$500qd - $750Qn Randomizing multipliers

From x0 - x25

Can give fire 83
$750Qn - $250sx X25 but needs 1 minute to

be upgrader again

Gives out Quantum effect

to see if they need some rest

$250sx - $999Sp a 1-time upgrade of x50 Needs fire to work out 42
$1O - $999O a 1-time upgrade of 3x Gives sparkles and fire 37
$1N - $999N Randomizing multipliers

between -x5 - x40

It can explode ore (30%) 45
$1D - $50Ud x3 gives sparkles and fire 34
$50Ud - $999DD a one-time upgrade of 4x

Chance to explode

Will give blue fire, blue fire

makes the ore invulnerable to fire =Explode chance : 10%

$1ttD - $1QnD Randomizes multipliers

between x0 - x10

Gives sparkles that destroys the ore in 30 seconds 46
$1QnD - $999SpD x2.5 then x5 in 10 seconds Adds Illuminati Effects 37
$1OcD - $999NvD x8 89
$1Vgn - $999NVG x5 (one-time) 68
$1TGN and above x4 adds fire (3 sec) 53
$1#!INF Resets back to $1TGN 100
Upgraded by Multiplier Effects Scale of 100
Used the Tesla Resetter Resets the upgrade limit 87
Upgraded by Overlord Device x15 Counts as 20 upgrades 78
Upgraded by The Ultimate


Multiplies it's TUO (The Ultimate

Overlord) like True Overlord + Winterheart by x5 (x50000 x 5 = x250K)

Counts as 100 upgrades and resets upgrade


Upgraded by Catalyzed Star Upgrades it by 7x then sets

Ores on fire

... 64

True Ultimate Overlord's 2nd way

The buzz of the TUO was not enough, as there was a second way to upgrade ores

It multiplies ores by x8 first then add a multiplier effect that upgrades ores by x2 every 3 seconds.

The ScarceBit Suggestion Pack 1

This pack is a compilation of my past suggestions, plus a few new ones.

1% Inferno Box for Regular Boxes


Box Radar

A special gamepass at the suggested retail price at R$125, this perk allows you to see what boxes are present right now, and you can set alerts in chat for when which series of boxes will appear.

Shop Search Bar

Can't look what you're looking for? With a shop search bar, things can be easier for you now.

Favorite Items Tab In Inventory

Ever lost track on where your items are in your inventory? Using the MOUSE2 function on an item, you can place items into a favorite items tab, which you can access from later. If you put an item on the Favorites tab and you lost it, later on, the selection will be grayed out and locked until you get the sufficient number of items back. Favorite Items in the tab will be wiped out from the tab when you sacrifice. Oh, and speaking of grayed-out items...

The Vault Viewing

Ever longing to see your long-gone exotics after you've sacrificed? Well, now you can. By entering your Discord verification code into the inventory search bar, you'll access the vault filled with all your old exotics, collectibles, and paid items. They're grayed out, meaning you can't use them, but it will show how much quantities of that item you have.

Arcade Machine

To keep the user busy while making money, the Arcade Machine provides minigames, such as a simple platformer, tower-defence, party and fighting games. Friends can join in on the fun too. The rewards for victory are either uC, boxes, cash, or items.

The Final Boss

"After moments of rigorous upgrading, your ore is now ready to take on the final boss."

The Final Boss is a furnace that is a fusion of all existing Reborn items.

Tier: Reborn Fusion

Stats: Accepts ore with 50 upgrades or more, multiplier increases by means of this:

50 - 60 upgrades - 20x

61 - 66 upgrades - 66x

67 - 75 upgrades - 120x

76 - 80 upgrades - 270x

81 - 85 upgrades - 360x

86 - 99 upgrades - 420x

100+ upgrades - 1000x

You can only obtain one of this item, and is only obtainable at life s-2000+, only by life-skipping, and is rarer than Northern Lights. When someone obtains 1 Final Boss, a server-wide announcement has to be made in a shiny rainbow text.

Wikia Verification

By connecting your MH Account to the MH Wikia,  you can get something unique (like Wikium Mine). I don't know how Berezaa will ever tech that, so I'll place this up here.

I like this idea, the Wikia pretty much won a bloxy and still receives no recognition -K06Tweety

Customizable Shop Bundles

Customizable store bundles will allow the player to make their own shop bundles. The player will have the freedom to place store items into bundles and buy them later. There might be a special discount for the bundles, I don't know. Might be a special gamepass.

So sorta like a Save Computer but for items? -Starforce6000

Not necessarily the case. Located in-shop.

Xenesis (lillildipsy)

I got thinking about rebirth, which made me think of the ultimate sacrifice, that made me think of reborn fusions, and that gave me some ideas for some craftable reborns/reborn fusions or entirely new reborn items

It would work like this - Combining Three different reborn items can give you a brand new one in a tier called Crafted Reborn (Crafted ultimate for some), you would lose those reborn items but you would gain one in said tier

Post sacrifice

Here's what I have so far

Otherworldly blaster

Items needed

20x big bad blaster, 5x dragon blaster, 1x Dragonglass Blaster


Only upgrades ore that hasn't been set on fire yet

Has an 80% chance to destroy ore and has three possibilities

Blinks blue,+10T to ore value, 4x ore value (20%)

Blinks red, +25T to ore value, 8x ore value(5%), Ore is superheated (has to be processed in 4 seconds or the ore blows up, destroying all nearby ore)

Blinks purple, +15t ore value, 6x ore value, ore is set on fire and blows up in six seconds (10%)

65% Chance for ore to blow up

Can only upgrade one ore at a time every five seconds

EffectCap: Ore causes a nebula if it's attempted to be upgraded by this again (Blows up the size of a entire base, blowing up every ore and sending players flying, like they were launched off of a ore collider and never lost height

Description: This upgrader is unlike any other, it is... otherworldly

Astral purifier

Recipe: 10 astral predictors, Five Quantum ore processors, three big bad blasters

Every ore that goes through has a 50% chance to explode in the next ten seconds If the ore survives those ten seconds one of these three things happen

Ore value is unchanged

Ore size is doubled, ore value is quadrupled

Ore value has +10T added onto it and Ore value Tripled

Ungodly schrodinger

Crafted ultimate

Recipe: 1 otherworldly blaster, 1 astral purifier, Five flaming schrodingers, 1 Aether schrodinger

Sacrificing some of the strongest upgraders, this schrodinger becomes supercharged,



Multiplies ore value x10, lowers ore value by 10b (24%)

Increases ore value by 50t, black sparkles (if processed by a furnace weaker than x50 multiplier Blows up, otherwise is processed for double the multiplier, X50 in frozen justice) (1%)

Multiplies ore value by 2x (20%)

Lowers ore value by 10b (65%)

Astral overlord device

X5 otherworldlys blasters, 2x ungodly schrodinger, 8 Astral purifiers, 5 true overlord devices, 20 overlord devices

Counts as 10000X UPGRADES

Increases ore value by 50000x, Increases Ore value by 250QN, can't be refreshed by the ultimate sacrifice or tesla resetter, makes it so no other overlord upgraders can be used with this item and destroys ore which has been upgraded by other overlord upgraders can be used with this

Looks like a morning star with a fine-point the size of a clockwork inside, the ore needs to hit this for it to increase

Newtonium breech loader

Crafted ultimate

4x diamond breech loaders, X20 newtonium mines, X10 massive diamond mine, X5 atonium mines

Droprate: four ores every .05 Seconds

Ore value - 5T - 45T

Vintage crate and more suggestions (lillildipsy/invalidmasterknight)

Vintage crate

Only contains vintages/exotics

.1% chance of getting one when opening inferno boxes (.2% for executive users) and once from ultimate sacrificing (reward is held until level 100)

Frost's sacrifice



Appearance = A frozen statue with tears dropping down its back, with a furnace type object on the back (requires an ore ramp or ore cannon to get ore into

When ore goes inside the back it drops two ores worth 60% of the ore's value, can't be upgraded by this upgrader again or anything the previous ore was upgraded by.

Shrine of arkathos



Appearance = a golden shrine surrounded by two massive snakes

When this furnace processes ore the default multiplier is 30x, but every time an ore is processed one of the two snakes drops an ore worth £0 and can't be upgraded, if this ore is returned to the furnace it adds 1k bonus to all processed ores and 5x to the multiplier

Max amount is +25k £ and 100X multiplier

Ore has to be launched onto the shrine by an ore cannon or raised onto by a raised ore ramp

Only works on ore worth under 20B, if it is above 20b subtracts 20b repeatedly until the ore is worth under 20b

Teleporting matrix core


Shop - 20QD

A large reversible conveyor with a converting conveyor fit for a teleporter receiver

has a green and red teleporter on one side, and a purple and blue one on the other end

Teleporting matrix receiver 1

Green and red teleporting receiver

Teleporting matrix receiver 2

Purple and blue teleporting receiver

Chicken-Ifier 9001420360


Troll item (collectible, sacrifice proof)

Description = Bwark Bwark

Turns ore into chickens which are worth £0 and can't be upgraded

Can be bought from April 1st, 2017 to April 1st, 2017 for 5 uC

Slipstream items suggestions (lillildipsy)Roblox sign (Invalidmasterknight)

Item 1:

Ore Cremator (Cell furnace)


Sends ore to a better place

Processes ore for 1qd / 2qd times its value, No upgraders at all can be used with it

Effect: either processes ore immediately for 1qd or 2qd five seconds after the ore enters the furnace

Ore can be dropped in by a regular ore ramp, but every second the ore has existed after touching an item

the cell furnace will process the ore for -200b of its normal multiplier

Crebom mine

Works with cell furnaces

Description : unlike many mines of its power, it works on cell furnaces, This mine searches the ground for the rare mineral Cremon, a very explosive substance

Ore value : 20 - 200B

Drop rate : 4 ores every Eight to fourty seconds

Effect : blows up upon being upgraded, ore blows up after 15 seconds and if it is sent over 300% conveyor speed

Vermonium mine

Doesnt work with cell furnaces

Description : This mine searches the earth for a rare mutation of crebom ore, which reverses alot of its properties

Ore value : 200 B - 10T

Drop rate : 1 ore every Eight to Sixty seconds

Effect : ore must be upgraded in twenty seconds of being dropped, be going over 300% conveyor speed and blows up if the ore is trying to be proccessed within the first 15 seconds of it being dropped


Destroys ore if it has been upgraded by this item before

Description : this upgrader brings out the potential out of ore, three times

Effect : doubles ore value three times, (only increases value not increased from this upgrader, a ore going in worth 200b would be worth 400b then 600b and then 800b, only works on ore worth over 500m

i have alot of ideas

Ore cremator agreeing forum

Crebom mine agreeing forum

Vermonium mine agreeing forum

TriGoriumUpgrader agreeing forum

Creator Mode [Spicydankmemer/ContentN00b]

Creator Mode is a mode where you can create everything in-game, but it will be just like Solo Mode, it will be another type of place you can go. You can use unlimited resources in Creator Mode. Nothing will save over from Creator Mode to Solo Mode/Normal.

Miner's Workshop

In the Miner's Workshop, you can basically build stuff without waiting for Berezaa approval! You can make lots of stuff like droppers, mines, furnaces, and other stuff! You can save your stuff to the Haven Hub [I'll talk about that next] so that other people can use your man-made items!

Haven Hub

The Haven Hub is the hub of all the workshop items made in Creator Mode. You can use, remake, and improve other people creations! And you can also play some games like Pong to relax your muscles... and remember, nothing is the limit in Creator Mode!

Setup Saver(Burerozdyonni), ROBLOX name (XMA13)

A new function in the Settings that can save your setup for 10uC. If you have enough money it'll auto-buy items, that you need and auto-place them.

Time Crates (K06Tweety AND CommunistTrafficCone)

Time crates are bronze colored research crates that drop from the sky [help me here on rarity.] Opening one will give you 2000-3000 RP and 1-3 Time Coins. Time coins can be used on boxes to add ALL unavailable Exotic and Collectible items. The Second Amendment will also be available, but dysfunctional like all other weapons.

I think they should be much rarer than that. -Mettaton. agree--jayboss.

Invalidmasterknight - agrees , and i think they could spawn every two hours per server (in a hard to reach place)

"No nerds, make them even rarer!" -Spicydankmemer

Make it spawn in a chance of 1/10,000 spawns in a 30 minute interval. :3 - Remmie55

Should give only one Time coin - 1Waterstriker

2016 Presidential Candidate Mines (K06Tweety)

What have I done with my life... Noobite Mines that were edited to look like the presidential candidates.

See the cringe

Advanced Corners (Mettaton8)

Simple, just corners with the upgrades of conveyors. (Ex Military corner, plasma corner.)

Peace/building mode (Obsolete) (Mettaton8)

A button that allows a player to not attack or be attacked (Irrevivant)

More items(Mettaton8)


Currency exchange

Legendary boxes (Mettaton8)

Boxes that will replace infernos, they always contain good items and only contain items above 1 sx. Increased chance of vintages and exotics - Lillildipsy (Invalidmasterknight) agrees.


All Rebirth items

All common items
All walls
All "crap" items
All removed items

Double edged upgrader

Gives the player +10speed, +10 damage +10 jump boost, and luck.

However, it decreases your health by 1 every minute (Killing you in 1:40 hours if you are not infused with any infuser)

Price: 4 quintillion lillildipsy is a bit ehh on the idea

But you regen faster than the damage. Maybe give no regen? - 1Waterstriker

Dragon's Breath

"This dragon-like mine is a powerful yet slow mine it's ores are in fiery red. Seems this mine dosen't work well with nature-like things but the opposite with fire"

This machine has wings like a dragon and stays the same color always.

The price per ore is 500qd, but the mine spews out ore every 5 seconds

Does not work well with any Nature type Items if so then it will decrease the

value of the ore by x0.5 halving the ore's value.

If paired with any fire type items then it will x2 the ore's value.

if with a Dragon blaster instead of the normal 3.7x it will be a x7.5!


Life required: 25+

you could change the life required to life 500 or something as that seems a bit overpowered for the low life requirement - lillildipsy

Make it as rare as Northern Lights (but obtainable in Life 1) then. -Remmie55

That would be stupidly op. Just loop a flamethrower and easy tsTG and more..... -ZenoZX

n00b minion

This n00b minion will protect ur bAse by REkting any n00bs that appr0ch It

New item tier: Misc. starts here


Once placed, will put walls around the outside of your base with no gaps

Price: Will cost 15x the price of one wall

Note: Would be very helpful


Ruby wall in a box

Gold wall in a box

Rusty wall in a box

Berezaa games wall in a box (Would be awarded by reaching a rank or a reward from berezaa)


Celebrate the holidays with a snowman!


Liquid Helium Superfreezer (Rebirth) (Created by Francis)

TYPE: Miscellaneous

TIER: Rebirth/Miscellaneous (Rebirth Life 150+)

DESCRIPTION: A highly complicated Cryogenic Device that makes ores brittle by suspending them in a bath of Liquid Helium, tripling their gained value from an Upgrader, whenever they are upgraded while being fragile, at the cost of making them very delicate to handle.

EFFECT(S): (Just be aware, that even though this idea is great, it is highly complicated.)

  • Frozen Ores get their gained values tripled whenever they are upgraded, meaning that the amount of which they gained from upgrading is tripled before being added to the value of the ore. (Example, If the ore is upgraded by a Big Bad Blaster, it will nonuple the value, rather than tripling the value, and if it's applied to the Cursed Ore Purifier, it will add 120K, rather than 40K to the Value of the Ore.
  • Ores that are set on fire are extinguished when they enter it.
  • It will not upgrade Atomium and Twitchite Ores, or other ores that are supersized particles, or magical ores, because of the ores' physical structure.
  • Causes Frozen Ores to temporarily emit White Smoke (Helium evaporating from it), and unless they are reconstructed, they will have a crumbly texture, due to that they are brittle.
    • They cannot be burned and upgraded by fire upgraders whenever they still emit the smoky Helium Gas, which lasts for 20 to 35 Seconds. (Example, they cannot be upgraded and burned by Big Bad Blasters, and Portable Flamethrowers while they are very cold)
  • Frozen Ores are physically brittle, which causes a variety of bad effects:
    • They can easily destroyed by a Player stepping on it, hitting walls at moderate or high speeds, falling from conveyors, and from being accelerated at high speeds.
    • Burning and Radioactive effects destroy ores 2 Times faster than normal. (Example, Radioactivity from a Radioactive Refiner will destroy ores in 3 Seconds, rather than 6 Seconds, no matter if the smoke is coming out from the ores or not,)
    • Their Brittleness increases each time they get upgraded, which means that they can be destroyed more easily as it gets upgraded even more.
    • Ol' Faithful Ores would be destroyed if they expand under the state of brittleness.

EFFECT CAP(S): Ores can only be frozen once unless they pass through a Tesla Resetter.

New item tier: Misc. Ends here

Tazer giver

Don't taze me bro! taze your opponents for 5 seconds with this handy tazer

(Would stun enemies for 5 seconds, they would be affected like the tazer gear and cannot use weapons or move during this time)

AS50 giver (Obsolete)

Yep, remember that overpowered gun in dayz? Now it's in miner's haven!

1 hit kill anywhere but legs

Fanmade Items (Dabreadmaster)

What tier will these be? - 1Waterstriker


this gonna be big

Remote Massive Yellow Diamond Mine

A buyable massive diamond mine that is remote, but gives a lot less than the normal Massive Diamond mine due to it being buyable. (yellow diamonds are worth more then regular diamonds. -jayboss)

Candy Upgrader

An upgrader with 2 upgraders, each multiplying the ore value by 1.5x

Candy Mine

A mine that gives -insert amount you think I should put-, and when put with the Candy Upgrader, has it's ore multiplied by 2x instead.

Candy Furnace

A furnace that gives 5x the normal ore value, but when a Candy Ore goes in, it gives 10x instead.

Cosmosic Cell

A cell furnace that gives 30,000x an ore's normal value.

Cosmosic Furnace

A furnace that gives 4x the normal ore value.

Celsius Shard Mine

A mine that gives -same thing as Candy Mine-. but when put in any Sacrificial Cell or Furnace, melts and does not give any money.

Tangerine Upgrader

A Reborn upgrader that upgrades an ore by 20%, 12 times.

Apple Upgrader

A buyable upgrader that upgrades an ore by 15%, 8 times.

Watermelon Upgrader

A buyable upgrader that upgrades an ore by 10%, 4 times.

Distortin Mine

A mine that's ores are warped, and could give anywhere from $1 to $10,000.

Astron Mine

An ore that when put in a furnace, fly off into space and explode. Gives -same thing as Candy Mine-.

Astron Upgrader

An upgrader with 3 upgraders, and the bigger your ore is, the more upgrades you would. Very small - 1 Small - 2 Big - 3

Pipe Dream

A scanner that has 4 scanners in it, each multiplying an ore's value by 1.3x.

Castle Furnace

A furnace that gives 6x an ore's value.

Massive Pink Diamond Mine

Like the Remote Massive Yellow Diamond Mine, it is buyable, and gives more than the Remote Massive Yellow Diamond Mine due to not being remote, but still giving less than the Massive Diamond Mine.(pink diamonds are worth more then regular or yellow diamonds. -jayboss)

Cosmosis Upgrader

An upgrader that upgrades an ore by 12%, around 11 times.

Night Walk

Normally would give 12x an ore's value, but every 3rd ore that goes in would give 24x it's value.

Whew. That was hard.

Thanks for sticking around with my stupid stuff.

Ore Reviver

"Infused with the spirits of an angel, this upgrader revives your ore to go through one last upgrader one more time, regardless of limit."

You can purchase this item for 500 billion. It allows you ore to go through an upgrader one last time before completely disabling its ability to go through Tesla Resetters or anything of the sort. This sort of acts as a Tesla Resetter for newbies.

For example, if the ore is upgraded after going through 3 lunar refiners, it can go through one last one before not being able to go through one ever again, even after passing through a Tesla Resetter. If the ore came out of a quantum ore cleaner, for example, it couldn't go through one again or the ore would dissolve.


These are 2 mlg 4 dem 1st lifr skrubs.

Illuminati Conveyor

"FaZe once said 'We don't need walls when we have Illuminati!' Follow in their footsteps with this conveyor!"

2x3 conveyor (extra space used on left) that moves ore at 3x with no walls.

Dayumson Inc. Furnace

"Using the most dank of substances, we've managed to make a small but powerful furnace. Multiplies ore value by x21, straight up."

2x4 furnace that accepts ore from 3 sides. Multiplies ore value by 21x, no catch. Awards 1 point per 10 ore.

Ore Educator

"Teaches ores how to be MLG, both adding and multiplying ore value. Education takes a long time, however."

4x4 upgrader, adds 420 and then 35% of ore value. Conveyor runs at half speed.

MLG Wall

"Keep skrubs out of your base with this massive wall, sponsored by Doritos!"

Giant wall of doritos. Slightly shorter than a normal wall but is the same size on the floor.

Ore Noscoper

"Think of it like this: Ores are skrubs, and must be rekt. If you are a skrub too, you will miss your target."

4x5 upgrader (longer on front) that has 4 upgrader beams that multiply by 1.3x. It is not guaranteed that an ore will hit all or even one beam. All the beams meet up at the middle but somewhat high up, so large ores are recommended with this upgrader.

MLG-fied Tiny Conveyor

"Tiny baby conveyor is not normally dank. Make it so!"

2x1 (extra space taken on left) conveyor that moves at 2x speed. Catch? No wall on the right side.

Portable Sanic Upgrader

"Small clip-on upgrader that doesn't add much, but boosts conveyor speed. Word of warning: Only clip onto the left of a conveyor!"

2x1 (I told you it was small) portable upgrader that adds only 1.11x. However, if clipped to the left of a conveyor, it makes the speed 2x that of a normal conveyor. If you clip it to the right, it will go backwards at 2x speed. Right is for skrubs, left is for winners.

Dorito Dewrifier

"Warning: Putting Mtn. Dew on your conveyor will make any ores that go on it MLG. Do not use if you are a skrub lord!"

3x3 purifier that adds a massive 360420 to an ore's value.

Chlorophite generator dropper (Rutledge2203)

"This is what happens when a Neon Tree grows on a solar generator.  ores are 4X times more valuable in the daylight, and ores are prossessed at half their value in cell furnaces."

A reborn dropper that can only be found on Saturdays and Sundays, daylight ores are worth 888M to 4B, as ores produced in the night are worth 222M to 1B, and half the value in ALL cell furnaces, so a cell Particalizer is worth 2.5T the ore value.  chlorophite is worth 150% more valuable in dreamers might, fright, natures grip, and the dream maker.  this is exclusive to your 22th rebirth, making it hard to get initially.  

Invalidmasterknight heavily dissagrees  

Ultimate Items (Powzoman)

'm planning on creating some 'rare reborn' items which I am naming 'Ultimate'. - Link to the pack.

When one of these is obtained (it will be extremely rare), another global broadcast is sent out saying something like "XXX was reborn with an Ultimate item!". The normal rebirth broadcast will still be sent.

Other possible methods of obtaining them:

Genesis items - you get one every 5 lives.

Crafting - you craft two different RB items and 100 late Legendary/early Mythic, 1000 early Legendary or 10 late Mythic items together to get one.

Here's what I have so far:

Dreamer's Equilibrium

"The power of the mind and what it fears most are strong individually, but when brought together create a force more powerful than anything ever known. Sometimes, but not always, subtracts Points."

Based on a fusion of the Dreamer's Might and Dreamer's Fright, it is a red and blue furnace modeled after the aforementioned. It processes ores from 0.1x to 100x its original value. Every 10 ores, either adds or subtracts up to 10 points.

Possible recipe: DF, DM, 100 Black Holes

Size: 6x4

Sol, Almighty

"The power of the sun is one seldom harnessed by man. But with this divine creation, it is possible. Cell Furnaces nullify the ore's power."

Every 10 seconds this mine creates an ore worth 1T (and it's 1x1x1) which does not work with Cell Furnaces.

Possible recipe: Newtonium, Industrial Firecrystal, 100 Ambrosia Mines

Size: 8x4

Nanotech Refiner

"The pinnacle of human engineering, this upgrades ores between 1T and 1O by 10x. However, ores take a long time to process."

The conveyor inside this machine is a large spiral that eventually dumps ores out the other side with a x10 value, if the ore is within the parameters. Unfortunately this thing is huge, being nearly as tall as a wall as well as having large surface area.

Possible recipe: Tesla Resetter, QOC, 100 Advanced Ore Atomizers

Size: 10x6

Heart of Ice

"A frigid cell furnace that processes ores for 10T times it's original value. Accepts ore from two sides and denies upgraded ore."

Description says it all...

Possible recipe: Frozen Justice, Nature's Grip, 1000 Cell Particalizers

Size: 6x2

Cryo Schrodinger

"With excessive cooling, we have removed the Schrodinger's... explosive tendencies. This does not seem to harm your luck at all, however."

A Schrödinger that multiplies the ore's value between 0.01x and 15,000x it's original, and after that can modify the ore's value even more by subtracting up to 2500 or adding up to 1M. Plus, no explosions. However, it uses more space on the right of the machine and the coolant has slowed down the conveyor to normal speed. It cannot make ore sparkle, however.

Possible recipe: Frozen Justice, Flaming Schrödinger, 10 Freon Suppressors

Size: 4x5

You could add like 10k regular schrödingers to the recipe :D -lillildipsy

Xenxis (Mettaton8)

Allows you to combine rebirth (and rarely normal) items.

Xenxis combinations

Ore Illuminator + Quantum cleaner

Quantum Illuminatior

"Advanced Tech and the Illuminati, what could go wrong?

Upgrades ores x9 with no cooldown

Flaming Schrodinger + Quantum Ore Cleaner

Meltdown Schrodinger

"A schrodinger gone into meltdown, Adds Eight million to ore then multiplys by 50x-10,000,000 Does not downgrade

but 96% of ores explode due to it going into meltdown."

Schrödinger (X15) + Freon suppressor

10,000,000x? That's better than a true overlord! - Blazem7708

Frozen Schrodinger

"A Schrodinger calmed by ice, it will remove any harmful affects and will not explode ore but only upgrades by 10-8000

Ore Illuminator + Frozen Justice

This is the same as another idea - 1Waterstriker

Flaming Illuminator

"Uses so much energy that it has to be on fire at all times, Upgrades ore x11 with no education cooldown but sets ore on fire, which will deteriorate in 5 seconds

Flaming cleaner

five beams that each upgrade x5

Custom ideas

Imperial Shrine

Legendary Item

Cost : 441Sp

What does it do?: A furnace similar to a shrine that gives ore by 20x it's value. Gives off 10 Research Points per 85 ore.

The shrine of penitence has better multiplier and is cheaper so this is useless - 1Waterstriker

"Praise the SAMURAI!"


Reborn Item

Cost : N/A (20+ Life)

What does it do? A furnace that originally gives ore by 35x. But when the ore is affected by radiation, it gives 50x it's value.

"Now, we will start a nuclear family."

Cold-Hearted Purifier

Epic Item

Cost: 3.04Qn

What does it do? An upgrader similar to a Fine-Point Upgrader that upgrades ore by 55% up to 1B. It also gives ore a cryogenic touch for the ore to be possibly explode when touched by fire. Cryogenic status can be deleted by Freon upgraders and Tesla resetters. Conveyor is slightly fast.

"Yes. This upgrader is SO RUDE to players emotionally."

Infernal Justice

Reborn Item

Cost : N/A (15+ life)

What does it do? Much like the Frozen Justice, the Infernal Justice gives ore by 14x. However, if the ore was praised by a cryogenic upgrader, it will have a multiplier of 28x. Ore that is praised by cold and Schrödinger will be multiplied by 42x.

"When we have Frozen Justice, we burn it."

Russian Upgrader

Mythic Item

Cost : 976N

What does it do? An upgrader symbolizing the USSR that upgrades 1 out of 40 ores by 200%. Conveyor is fast. Can only be russified 1 time, with the exception for Tesla Resetter(s).

"communism is dispersed from this upgrader, i think."

Ore Packer

Epic Item

Cost: 427Qn

What does it do? This item packs 8 ores at a 2x2x2 ore, summing the values of all the ores.

"We even pack sheets of paper! haha. get it?"

Ore Compressor

Mythic Item

Cost: 1.9O

What does it do? This item compresses 12 ores at a 1.3x1.3x1.3 ore. Since it is compressed, it loses 10% of the total value of all the ores being compressed.

"This item seriously defies the law of physics. Like seriously, can you compress diamond?"

Quantum Ore Compressor

Almighty Item

Cost: 492SpD

What does it do? This item compresses 16 ores at a 1x1x1 ore, summing the values of all the ores without a percentage of the total value being decreased.

"First, we have a packer. AND NOW THIS?"

Vortex Ascender

Haven Item (MH Idea : Nirvana "much like rebirth but deletes all items except for Haven, Vintage and Premium items and start all the way through with an additional Haven item. Nirvana requires 70th life for it's first, +20 for it's succeeding Nirvanas.)

Cost: N/A (1st+ Nirvana)

What does it do? A raised-ier conveyor that was "praised" by the unobservable universe to upgrade ores by 100x up to 1V(vigintillion), but it allows ore to pass five times only.

"Yes. Our first Haven item. So what?"

Miner's Almanac

The miner's almanac is much like the Almanac from the PvZ series. It shows you ALL of Miner's Haven items, even though it's a limited collectible, or not. It alsos shows you all of the information of each and every item. Items that are not bought will appear to be grayscale, not showing their information and with the color rarity present in the item image border. If a certain item is acquired, it will show it's information and it will be colored.

Example: Unlocked Noobite Mine

Locked Noobite Mine

Removing the Pay To Win From The Game (and a little more)

Theoretically impossible, but with some rebalancing of many items. Any item not mentioned does not need a rebalancing.

Massive Diamond Mine: 10M$ an ore, 7 second delay. Ol' Faithful needs to go down!

Spookmaster: 0.3 Sec/Ore, 700M-2.5B$

Quantum Ore Cleaner: 5x. Maybe this is my personal preference.

Ore Illuminator: 7x. This is if QOC gets raised to 5x.

Lightningbolt: 11x. So people actually start using it again.

Well, that's it. Lower the prices of the items made in the Winter Update too, because... well, I don't want a Decillion gap, do you?

==Bank Furnace (New Item Idea) By Ox Rookbane, A.K.A, rookie423

Bank Furnace. What is does: This bank is a furnace that accepts ore. Increases value by (x) times, and increases its power through interest. Every purchase resets its counter back to its base value, making you build it up once more.

Just a cool idea for a furnace I made.

Programmable Conveyors(Crazypikachu54)

This would be similar to the Reversable Conveyor, but rather than changing direction by a button press, it would change depending on ore value, etc. for example I could make it so if the ore has gone through my Tesla Resetter, it would go to my furnace. but if it didn't it would go to a teleporter to loop again.

New Futuristic-Tech Upgraders and Mines (Created by Francis)

Here are some Ideas that I uniquely built.

Industrial Plasma Precipitator

COST: 865 SxD                 

TYPE: Upgrader

TIER: Divine

DESCRIPTION: A Specially Designed Coal-powered Precipitator that upgrades ores worth more than 1 De and less than 120 DD, by 85%, but it has to  store ores for several ores, and while upgrading at least one ore, it cannot deal with more than 1 Type of Ore.

(It is called a "Plasma Precipitator" because it turns Ores into Plasma, and filters impurities from it.)

REQUIRED POINTS: 75K Research Points

Resonance Spectropic Scanner

TYPE: Upgrader (Scanner)

DESCRIPTION: Using Quantum Spectropic Technology, this upgrades ores to 18-fold their value, but it needs to charge up, and it  can destroy some types of ores, including Iron, Mithril, Copper, and other similar ores.


  • It multiplies Scanned Ore Value by 18. (54 if the Ore is frozen from a Liquid Helium Superfreezer)
  • Due to it's large power usage, it has to charge up by using clicks to go from empty to full, and scanning an ore depletes some of it's energy, depending on how the ore is worth, the effects on the ore, and the size of the ore.
  • It can destroy some types of ores that are said to be conducting electricity, such as Copper, Iron, Silver, Mithril, Gold, Platinum and Antimatter Ores.

Higgsomium Mine (Rebirth)

TYPE: Mine

DESCRIPTION: An Impossibly Rare Mine that supersizes Higgs Boson Particles, which are highly valuable at 150 Billion to 35 Trillion, but these ores are very unpredictable, whether we might say it could be the "God" Particle or not.

Plasmonic Ore Resonator

TYPE: Upgrader

DESCRIPTION: A Limitless Upgrader that multiplies Ore Value by 65%, up to 5 Times, using Nanotechnologies and Plasmonics to remove impurities from Ores. Due to that it uses Heavy Plasma, it has the chance to set ores on fire, which normally destroys ores after 8 Seconds.

Ore Vaccinator (Rebirth) == "If humans can be vaccinated, why not ores?"

Any ore that passes through receives ALL effects (fire, radioactivity, etc), which last for an infinite amount of time and don't destroy the ore. Once the ore has been given all effects, it is immune to being destroyed by fire, radioactivity, etc. until the effects are removed from the ore. Normally can only upgrade once to prevent lag.

More upgraders (By: ESPONY)

Mega Ore Upgrader

Cost: 140.6K

Tier: Uncommon

Description: "A big, better version of Large ore upgrader. This huge upgrader does 75% up to 75K."

Effects: 75% up to 75K

Size: 7x5 Units

Small Portable Ore Advancer

Cost: 589K

Tier: Uncommon

Description: "This small portable upgrader only effects a half of a normal conveyor. 15% up to 10 times"

Effects: 15% up to 10 Times

Size: 1x1 Units

Golden Overlord Device

Requirements: After life 5000, every time you rebirth with 500 OcTG or more.

Tier: Ultimate

Description: "Congratz on getting 500 OcTG or more after life 5000. Because of that, we award you with this Golden Overlord Device!"

Effects: 500x once. (2000x with Tesla)

Size: 7x7 Units

Illuminunium Upgrader

Requirements: Life 100+

Tier: Reborn

Description: "So you got it? Gratz!"

Effects: 10x , Sets ore on Fire, and if upgraded in next 5 sec, its destroyed.

Size: 5x6

Trading System (ruu3)

I think there should a button that allows you to access a trading menu where you can enable trading then type in a player name which will send them a trade request which they will be able to accept or decline when accepting you and the other player can choose what items, how much uc or how much money you want to trade. Eg. Somebody can trade a Blood magic with 500 uc and 5 QN for a Ore Tixicator with 0uc and 5SP. After that they can choose to trade those items or not.

Non-Tradable tiers:



It would be no use if you enable the money (donating thing) cuz they can just give money to someone to rebirth or to get ultimate items. ._. -Remmie55

Make it so you can only trade things of and (approximately) equal worth, then, people won't be donating money, only trading semi-rare items. -DragonCatGamers

Dreams And Nightmares (Screaming_Dimentio64)

There are many mines in Miner's Haven, yet we still do not have the two that fit perfectly. There should be a Dreamite Mine. What does it do? Well, it produces...dreamite! Dreamite ores are usually worth $775T. If they went into the Altar of Dreams (furnace), it would process the ore at 64x the value. If any other ore went into the Altar of Dreams, it would process the ore at 15x the value. There's also a Massive Dreamite Mine, which is a Reborn-tier item. It's WAAAAAAY better than the Massive Diamond Mine. And, of course, there has to be the feared Nightmarium Mine! It produces ore worth $3qd. That's MUCH more than dreamite. And, of course, I cannot finish this submission off without the Industrial Nightmarium Mine, which is a Vintage-tier item. It works like the other industrial mines. You power it with coal. Hope you enjoyed this!

They added a mine called Nightmare - 1Waterstriker

Ya they added a mine called Nightmare who's ores are worth 4B, but it has an upgrade counter of -10, making it so you can upgrade it a few times and it will still work on cell furnaces - TheBOMB2006

Joker's House (pouwilchris31)

The Joker's House is a heck of an upgrader:

"The Joker Card is the wildest one of them all."

The Joker's House has two upgraders.

When a ore is upgraded by the Joker's House's first upgrader, one of the following will happen:

If the ore is worth -Money, it's value will be set to a number between 1 and 1.000.000;

If the ore is worth 0-999 it's value will be multiplied by 0.1x to 1,2x;

If the ore is worth 1000-999 thousand it's value will either increase by 1.000.000 to 10.000.000 or 1,5x value;

If the ore is worth 1 million-999 million it's value will either be multiplied by 1.1x or by 2x, but it's size wll double;

If the ore is worth 1 billion-999 billion it's value will be multiplied 2x to 2.5x;

If the ore is worth 1 trillion-999 trillion it's value will either be increased by 1 or multiplied by 5;

If the ore is worth 1 quadrillion-999 quadrillion it's value will be multiplied by 0.99 or multiplied by 3;

If the ore is worth 1 quintillion-999 quintillion it's value will be multiplied depending on how much quintillion it is worth, 999 being times one, and 1 being times 9;

If the ore is worth 1 sextillion-999 sextillion it will either be destroyed (5%) or it's value multiplied by 4;

If the ore is worth 1 septillion-999 septillion it will either be destroyed (10%) or it's value set to 499 septillion (same chance with all values);

If the ore is worth 1 octillion-999 octillion it will either have it's value set to 1 septillion, or be multiplied by 2;

If the ore is worth 1 nonillion or more, it's value will be multiplied by 4-8.

When a ore is upgraded by the second upgrader, one of the following will happen:

If the ore is on fire, it will either be extinguished, destroyed(10%), or value multiplied by 1.5 and extinguished;

If the ore has sparkles, it will either lose it's sparkles (this affects Frozen Justice), or have it's value multiplied by 1.5;

If the ore is radioactive, it will either lose it's radioactivity, be destroyed(10%), or lose it's radioactivity and have it's value multiplied by 1.5;

If the ore has all of these, it will either be destroyed(90%), or be able to go into cell furnaces, unless it gets upgraded again.

(What did i just suggest??)

White list (DajeGaming14)

I hope that Berezaa adds a white list button so that when you step on your property that you use there items you know when you try to show them a set up.

But you can't place you're items on there property or there's on yours.

Thank you hope this gets to him i think it would be really handy.

invalidmasterknight - extremely confusing

I agree - 1Waterstriker

Rainbow Industrial Mine+ (Po0k)

Drops very high tier Neon ore unique to it.

1000+ lives.

Meant for high lives to be able to rebirth a lot without building the same setup over and over again.

Red Neon Ore:

worth 1 Octillion, immune to fire.

Blue Neon ore:

Worth 100 Octillion, upgrades ore touched by 2x once.

Green Neon ore:

Worth 1k but upgrades ore 100x on touch and then explodes 5 times with no limit.

Purple Neon ore:

Worth 1N and if it goes into a furnace, explodes once.

Any Neon ore sparkling:

10x on touch.

Any Neon ore with kappa particle:

Gives kappa badge on touch. (Can only be dropped during streams.)

Drops sparkling coal in separate dropper on the side of it to be funneled to the northern lights.

Re-Roll Tickets/Dice (Cicopath1)

These will have a 1% chance from Gold boxes, 5% or the same as Lucky Clovers in Diamond boxes.

You will be able to re-roll your same exact box, but you don't get to keep your item. If you have multiple boxes and you re-roll, none of those boxes will go away, nor does uC with only 1 box left.

If you've re-rolled the SAME BOX 100 times, you get a special item, yet it is not up to me what that item does.

IF WANTED: You get a special bonus with the Gambler's Dice.

The Meme Perk [ContentN00b/SpicyDankMemer]

This will be a gamepass which upgrades your chances of everything!

And makes Inferno's unrigged.

And I mean it.

The other perks of it are bragging rights, cuz who cares?

This will also upgrade each ore that goes into the following droppers by the value of the ore (orevalue x orevalue):

-Kappa Investor

-Sweet Tooth

-Santa's Chimney

oh and it gives you these subbmission items:

-Memite Mine

-Anything else that has dank memes. And no liens or containers or anything too mainstream

this is a mustttttttard

Setup Saves (Crazypikachu54)

This would be a feature that would be unlocked after a certain amount of rebirths. What it would do is give you the ability to save your base, and load it at different lives, but you would have to pay the cost of the items. For example, if my setup to rebirth fast takes a while to build and requires a few paid items, you could press the load button, pay the price for the items, and the base would automatically be built, without you having to do anything. The saves would save over rebirths.

This is too op since i have an all reborn - proof setup that gives almost instant rebirth. if i had this i would not have to make it. - 1Waterstriker

Multiple floors and ore transfer (IDontEvenKnowWhy)

Make use of walls, columns and ladders with floors. Floors come in the same textures as the walls and columns. A minimum f two walls or four columns are needed to hold a floor piece up, unless connected to other floors. To make the process easy, you are able to switch between floors when building, like in the Sims. Also, the heights of an object now make a difference as floors have to be built around them. Floors allow the use of multiple large setups or one extra long set up. Floors can also act as roof stopping people from climbing into your base. Unless you reset your base, floors will have to be removed from top to bottom.

A floor piece will measure 3x3, 5x5, and 7x7. A floor will be 6 blocks high, and will have a limit of 5 floors, including the base floor.

Also, the elevators can carry even the biggest of ore. They can be made to go either up, down or changeable, and go to specific floors, but the extra floor has to be built first before placing them. Elevators will be see through, and some can also upgrade ore that passes through. The available basic elevators are:

  • Tube (brings ore up or down between floors, useful for passing a floor.
  • Entry up (useful for putting ore into elevators that only go up)
  • Entry down (useful for putting ore into elevators that only go down)
  • Exit up (useful for removing ore from elevators that only go up)
  • Exit down (useful for removing ore from elevators that only go down)
  • Interchange (contains an up button and a down button, and a door button. When ore reach an interchange, they are hold in place, pressing the up button moves them up floors, down button moves them down. The door button will activate two doors, allowing ore to enter and exit. Ore will enter one side, and exit from the other)

If an elevator is removed while ore is travelling through, the ore will fall down.

Buffing and Downgrading Stats of Items (Aiyanite)

Frozen Justice

It seems the Frozen Justice isn't used by a ton. To make that a thing, It must be buffed to 15x, on fire is 30x, and the fire+sparkles is 50x.

Morning Star

So, Morning Star is like getting harder to get and the stats aren't too ok, I'll make it Life 350+ and $1 QnV

Catalyzed Star

Of course, if there is Morning Star Buff, there is also a Catalyzed Star Buff. Multiplier isn't affected. It must add 70% up to $1SPG to be more like used to be.


Like wait WHAT?!? Already an Equinox thing? Due to being like it's multiplier is too low, let's make it x50 and the highest amount of ore will be added to another ore, making it better.

Breech Loader

Trying to make it like not so little OP, to make it like that, I suggest to make the ore value lowered down to $10B to $700B and let's make the tilt 20 degrees.

Quantum Ore Cleaner

Like it's really good, let's make it better by 4x to 5x!

Advanced-Tech Conveyor

"A very High-tech conveyor piece that moves ores almost 4 times faster than a Basic Conveyor. It even comes with Built-in shields!"

  • Tier: Legendary?
  • Item size: 2x2 Units
  • Conveyor Speed: 370%
  • Source: Shop
  • Buy Value: $62.5qd
  • Sell Value: $18.7qd

Gradually Decreasing Rebirth Prices Life 500-999 (Po0k)

The idea is that rebirth prices decrease overtime life 500-999. This would be known as the final stretch period. It would solve for the lack of compensation made for life 500+ and make it easier to get to life 1000 to perform the ultimate sacrifice and encouraging players to keep playing. At the current level it would take a straight 12 hours of rebirthing with no delays to rebirth 500 lives with a 2 minute setup done perfectly.

Life 500 = 100 O - Can easily be done with a morning star loop which should have been acquired by this point.

Life 501 = 99 O - Just as a little example.

Life 600 = 1 O - The rebirth prices have lowered to this level.

Life 700 = 500 SP - Slightly lowered prices

Life 800 = 1 SP At this point, using a dreamers Dreamers Anguish + Symmetrium Mine combo is viable again. Allowing for the final stretch of lives.

Life 900 = 500 SX

Life 999 = 1 SX - Really cheap, but deserved.

Life 1000 = 1DD - Just to force the player to receive an overlord device.

Life 1001 = 10N - Discourage the player and encourage Ultimate Sacrifice with a high rebirth price.

Life 1002+ = Regular rebirth prices, regular everything.

Itemnatics and +more (Aiyanite)

Northern Anguish

"In between chemistry, scientists have found out 2 extreme overpowered items mixed as one. First, it needs Coal to power up and processed according to the amount of money."

Tier : Reborn Fusion

Type : Cell Furnace

What does it do? : Needs coal first to power up and processes ore accordingly to money. Every 20 ore decreases.


"It's hot, isn't it? This Summer exotic breezes flaming ores to power it up more and every night truly is awful. Summer Exotic."

Tier : Exotic

Type : Furnace

What does it do? : Starts as 50x, every non-flamed ores increases 5x And every flaming ores increases at 20x, Night-time reverses the multiplier. Maximum of 300x.

Zipline Islands

"Woot woot! Let's go zipline! The Zipline Islands makes mini-robloxians happy multiplying depending to the mini-robloxians happiness."

Tier : Reborn (Life 100+)

Type : Upgrader

Conveyor Speed : 250%

What does it do? : Needs Mini-ROBLOXian towers to work. Every happy mini-ROBLOXian adds up 100% to the Upgrader.

Mini-ROBLOXian Towers

"Mini-ROBLOXians would live here, chill here, and more. Useful when beside an upgrader to work,"

Tier : Epic

Type : Decoration

Cost : $348qd

What does it do? :Like nothing, absolutely nothing, except it's beside a Zipline Islands.

Televisionium Mine

"Almost all of us loves TV, especially for cartoons, movies, and shows. This Televisionium Mine will help you watch more TV!"

Tier : Slipstream

Type : Dropper

Money Value : $40T-$200T

DropRate : 2 seconds

What does it do? : Every ore has its black flame inflammable and upgrading itself 5% up to 100 times.

Berezaa Tokens

These tokens can make magnificent boxes 50% unboxed, and can only be obtain at Diamond Crates (super rare)

Plain old ideas

Ore Sorter:

Buy Price: 2.5 QN

Sell Price: 1.25 QN

Effects: Up to to three different ore types can go in, when you press the buttons, the ore types will come out of one of the three different dispensers, all sorted. On top of this, all ores that enter get a 25% increase in value, but only once

Forked Roads:

Obtained: Rebirth, Life 75+

Effects: Randomly choses between 2 paths, one path leads to a cave, if the ore goes there it processes the ore at 95% of its value, if it goes into the other path, which leads into a forest, it will get multiplied by 5.

Rainbow Teleporter (Sender):

Buy Value: 1T

Sell Value: 500

Effects: Randomly sends ore to any teleporter receivers on your base

Rusty Old Iron Mine:

Buy Value: 250

Sell Value: 125

Effects: Produces an ore worth 1-15$ every 1-10 Seconds



Any ore that comes through this upgrader gets burned at insane temperatures, multiplying the value by 1.1, then by 3, and THEN by 1.1 again. It also lights ores on fire, so that Ore must be Processed or put out within 3 seconds after going through this upgrader, or else... vanishes.

  • Tier: Reborn
  • Buy Value: Can't buy
  • Sell Value: Can't sell
  • Effects: Multiplies OreValue by 1.1, then 3, then 1.1, and sets ore on fire for 3 seconds.
  • Effect cap: Only works twice per ore

Macro-Torch Upgrader:

Warning: serious risk of ore exploding either during or after heating process.

  • Tier: Slipstream
  • Buy Value: Can't buy
  • Sell Value: Can't sell
  • Effects: Multiplies OreValue by 2.5, then 7, then 1.45, with a 65% chance of exploding ores.
  • Effect cap: Only upgrades up to $1de

Haveorc's 2 Item Suggestions

The Quantum Overlord Device

"This huge upgrader, only for people who rebirthed with 1NoTG or over and are life 2500 or over, can help you with an amazing x2500 upgrade, thanks to the power of quantum physics! Does not stack with True Overlord Device or original Overlord Device."

  • Tier: Ultimate
  • Type: Upgrader
  • Buy value: Can't buy
  • Sell value: Can't sell
  • Effects: Multiplies ore value by x2500
  • Effect cap: Can only upgrade ores once without a Tesla Resetter, and also can't stack with True Overlord Device or Overlord Device.

Superunobtainium Furnace

"A furnace which adds 10k to the value of ores, then usually processes ores at 5x to 40x multiplier. You might get lucky, though, as there is a very small chance an ore will get processed at x500 its value. But you must wait up to 3 seconds to let another ore get processed."

  • Tier: Reborn
  • Type: Furnace
  • Buy value: Can't buy
  • Sell value: Can't sell
  • Effects: Adds 10k to ore value, then processes ores at 5x to 40x multiplier, with a very small chance for 500x multiplier. Only lets one ore get processed for up to 3 seconds.
  • Rebirth level: Level 3 (Can be acquired after your 10th life)

Trading System (xXxBKNinjaxXx)

Lets players exchange items and currency with a trading interface.

  • I suggest making something like the Trade-o-Tron in Azure Mines.

"I like the item trading idea, but currency? Hell no, that's broken in my opinion" -Amateur001

Item Suggestion (Amateur001)

God Forbids

  • Desc : "God forbids most ore to be processed there, but some pure ores might have a chance because of the purity, to be upgraded at ludicrous amount."
  • Tier : Slipstream
  • Type : Furnace
  • Effect : Destroys 90% ores that tries to be processed by the furnace, but for every 1 ore went trough could be processed at 100qd of its value, no matter what ore it is. 1 RP per ore.
  • Source : Rebirth
  • Link to the model : God Forbids

Herr Maschine

  • Desc : "This thing may have been sunk, eaten by time. But you can`t say so for it`s power, though you need a coal to power it."
  • Tier : Vintage
  • Type : Dropper
  • Effect : Drops 1 ore worth 10 Million every 3 second interval, each coal stacked within that time will increase the ore`s value by 1 Million, works on cells
  • Source : Mystery Boxes
  • Link to the model : Herr Maschine

Particle Accelerator

  • Desc : "The future is here! It`s a sized down Particle accelerator that can upgrade ore stupidly many times, ranging from 7 to 20 times. (can only be used once w/o tesla resetter nor ultimate sacrifice)"
  • Tier : Divine
  • Buy Value : 3 NvD
  • Sell Value : 133 SxD
  • Effects : Upgrade ore ranging from 7x, 10x, 15x and 20x
  • Link to the model : Particle Accelerator

Global Market (CPRockerz)

In the Global Market, you can sell your vintages, exotics, and collectibles.

Vintage Price Range: 90uC - 400uC

Exotic Price Range: 120uC - 500uC

Collectible Price Range: 600kRP - 3M RP

Painite Excavator

"Painite is difficult to obtain, and there are always people fighting over it. This machine lets you mine this ore manually without any problem."

  • Item Size: 4x4 Units
  • Tier: Reborn
  • Ore Value: $50.5M
  • Ore Size: 2x2x2

There are four buttons on the part that connects the two parts of the Excavator, and when one is clicked, an ore is dropped.

Corona Blade (CPRockerz)

  • Desc: "A sword placed on a conveyor got hit by a laser and turned into this. Now you know what happens next."
  • Tier: Ultimate
  • Type: Upgrader
  • Source: Sacrifice on Life 15,000+
  • Effects: When ore has sparkles, the ore splits into to 2 dividing its value. When ore on fire, its value is multiplied by 30x. When ore has sparkles and on fire, it has a 50% of destroying an ore, and has a 50% chance of multiplying ore value by 50x.

Possible Tiers (Reteego)


The antique tier would be used for rare, old items like the 'Ol Faithful, Thingamajig, etc.


A straight-up upgrade from divine, the Novelty tier would be very expensive, anywhere from 1sxD to 999SpD would be in this expensive tier.

Sacred Items @ More (Weird Polygon Alt)

First off, Sacred is an entirely new item tier that will apply to the handful of items you can obtain if you rebirth after the second sacrifice. This tier will now also apply to The Ultimate Sacrifice, Statue of Sacrifice, and The Second Sacrifice. Now, let's go to these stupidly powerful items.

Industrial Annihilator

  • Desc: "This is the combination of all destruction into a single, massive machine. Kills anybody that looks straight at it."
  • Tier: Sacred
  • Type: Upgrader
  • Source: Rebirth After Second Sacrifice (1% Chance)
  • Effects: Basically a very risky yet powerful schrodinger, this upgrader has a 70% chance of destroying your ore (Comes with explosions!), a 20% chance of multiplying your ore's value by 25, a 5% chance of multiplying your ore's value by 100, a 4% chance of multiplying your ore's value by 125, and a 1% chance of multiplying your ore's value by 500. If your ore gets through safely, it will be set on fire and destroyed after 5 seconds.
  • Extra: Requires 10 coal/sec. Will also shoot a homing instakill laser that moves at 500 Studs Per Second at any player that looks straight at it for 5 seconds.

Perfectionist Refiner

  • Desc: "This thing will bring all good to your ores. It will make them perfect in every way, making schrodingers praise them more."
  • Tier: Sacred
  • Type: Upgrader
  • Source: Rebirth After Second Sacrifice (1% Chance)
  • Effects: This upgrader removes all bad status effects, makes them immune to all negative effects, and gives ores permanent sparkles and fire that doesn't destroy them. Fire doesn't count against Sakura Garden, Azure Refiner, or Azure Spore. Chance type upgraders such as the Schrodinger Evaluator will not destroy these ores, simply letting them pass through without an upgrade. Also increases chance for largest upgrade by 2%.

Heat Craver

  • Desc: "This furnace really likes spicy and things, and NOTHING else. Give it spicy things, and it will process them at an immensely high value."
  • Tier: Sacred
  • Type: Furnace
  • Source: Rebirth After Second Sacrifice (1% Chance)
  • Effects: This Furnace will only accept ores with fire or fire and sparkles. All other ores will be processed at 0$ value. Ores with just fire will be processed at an incredible 500x value. Ores with fire and sparkles will be processed at a considerable 300x value.
  • Extra: Standing on it will remove 10 HP/5 seconds. It ate so much spicy things that it is now spicy itself.

Coal Ignitor

  • Desc: "This blowtorch will ignite coal and reveal its true form. It's not too valuable, but has a secret power which makes upgraders upgrade it more.
  • Tier: Sacred
  • Type: Upgrader (Portable)
  • Source: Rebirth After Second Sacrifice (1% Chance)
  • Effects: When coal touches the upgrader part, it turns into a green neon block. This block will only be 1$, but if put through an upgrader, the upgrader will do 5x its normal upgrade and have a cap 10x its usual limit (If it has one), so for example, if this green coal goes into a Large Ore Upgrader, it will actually add 175% value and have a cap of 50K. Also, when put into a furnace, the coal will take the regular boost of the furnace, then multiply that result by 50x. This makes green coal extremely powerful if used correctly.

Infinity's Sacrifice

  • Desc: "The fusion of Dropper, Furnace, and Upgrader. Use it wisely. Every part has its own special ability."
  • Tier: Sacred
  • Type: Dropper/Furnace/Upgrader
  • Source: Get to life 1,000+ After Second Sacrifice (Obtained when you rebirth from life 999 to life 1000, or life 1000 is skipped. ALWAYS obtained.)
  • Effects: The dropper part drops ores worth 500B-1T every second, no catch. The ore is white and has the rock texture. The upgrader part only upgrades ores worth more than 500O, but gives a very large upgrade of 40x. The furnace part processes ores at 40x value. No catch.

Infinity's Grip

  • Desc: "As you wind down for the third sacrifice, you realize that the message isn't there. You only have this, and it tells you your next mission. Maybe you should follow it. Maybe not."
  • Tier: Sacred
  • Type: Decoration (Important)
  • Source: Get Infinity's Call
  • What it looks like: It's an old, white brick wall, with a futuristic panel on it. It says: "I am infinity. Your goal is to gain the Infinite Items and reborn for the last time. Then, you shall be able to access the Infinity Dimension. I await you there. I only have one warning: This will not be easy. To see the tasks I have for you, just click on me after you complete a task and reborn. Then I will start one of my random tasks.
  • Effects: This starts the Infinity Ending, and will unlock the tasks below.

Ok, so more Sacred Items will come soon. Now, here are my other ideas!

Blessed is a tier which will be awarded when certain people, such as bereza, give you stuff. So, stuff like the Submitter Trophy will be upgraded to this rank.

Bereza's Blessing

  • Desc: "You must be super special (Or a hacker) to obtain this item. It's stupidly overpowered, and you can use it if you want, but it ruins the fun."
  • Tier: Blessed
  • Type: Upgrader, Dropper, and Furnace.
  • Source: Bereza gives it to you
  • Effects: The upgrader part will raise orevalue to the power of 999 centillion. The dropper part will drop ores worth 999 centillion every nanosecond, and these ores will raise orevalue of nearby ores to the power of 999 centillion. The furnace part will raise orevalue to the power of 999 centillion, and then takes the result of that and raise the result of that to the power of 999 centillion, and does that 999 centillion times.

Twitch Crate

A purple crate that drops in every server every time bereza starts and ends a stream on Twitch. Can also be dropped if Bereza wants to on stream. Whenever it drops, a message with a purple border and lavender text will say "A Twitch Crate has appeared!". When opened, it will give the opener either 2-3 Twitch Coins, 1-2 regular boxes, 1 unreal box, or very rarely, 1 inferno box.

Sacrifice Sword

An item you get from performing The First Sacrifice. It does 90 DMG, and recharges in 0.5 seconds. Also increases your walkspeed by 25 when equipped.

True Sacrifice Sword

An item you get from performing The Second Sacrifice. It does 100 DMG, and recharges in 0.5 seconds. Also increases your walkspeed by 30 when equipped.

Miraculous Box

You have a 1% chance of opening this after opening an Inferno Box. This box always give you either a pink item, a vintage item, or an exotic item. 40% chance of pink, 40% chance of vintage, 20 of exotic.

Infinity Ending (Weird Polygon Alt)

Yes, it's so important that I needed to create an entire other section. Anyways, Infinite will also be a new tier. It applies to items related to Infinity Ending.

Infinity's 5 Tasks

Infinity has 5 tasks. The first four will be random every time, and the fifth one will always be the same.

Task One

The panel will say "Reborn with one CT+ (Centillion or 10^303). Then you shall gain one Infinity Item."

Item Gained: Infinity's Might

Task Two

The panel will say "Gather all of the reborn, reborn fusion, ultimate, and sacred items (That you get from rebirth, not The Final Upgrader or Statue of Sacrifice) and then place one of each item down. When the last one is placed, all of them will be sacrificed. All such items can be regained, and a new infinity item will be obtained after rebirth.

Item Gained: Infinity's Illuminator

Task Three

The panel will say "Create all of the Chemist items possible. Then use them in the correct order as their given riddles say. You know you got it if, when you process the ore it says "Charge Obtained." When you reborn, you shall gain an infinity item." (Chemist Items coming soon)

Item Gained: Infinity's Symmetry

Task Four

The panel will say "Show your enthusiasm for science. Gain 1M research points. It's easier than the other tasks, but when you reborn you will gain a less powerful infinity item."

Item Gained: Infinity's Garden

Final Task

The panel will say "Your grasp on this dimension is slipping away into my dimension. Please, complete the final riddle based off of your infinity items, including this once. Reborn. Then, EVERYTHING you have, excluding uC items, vintages, exotics, artifacts, and your uC will be destroyed. Even boxes, lucky clovers, twitch coins, and your research points will be lost. But it'll be all worth it. The riddle is "Take the item's relation, and order its core attribute, placing them down in the order you find out." You'll understand soon."

Item Gained: Infinity Portal

How to Solve (Spoilers)

The end of each item seems kinda familiar, right? Well, it corresponds to a Reborn item.

Infinity's Sacrifice: The Ultimate Sacrifice

Infinity's Might: Dreamer's Might

Infinity's Grip: Nature's Grip

Infinity's Illuminator: Ore Illuminator

Infinity's Garden: Sakura Garden

Infinity's Symmetry: Symmetrium Mine

Now, you get the ability to gain these items at a certain life, right? Now let's find out the life required to get these items.

The Ultimate Sacrifice: 1000+

Nature's Grip: 0+

Dreamer's Might: 10+

Ore Illuminator: 5+

Sakura Garden: 250+

Symmetrium Mine: 20+

Now, let's order these numbers.

0, 5, 10, 20, 250, 100.

Then, place down the corresponding infinity items in this order:

Infinity's Grip

Infinity's Illuminator

Infinity's Might

Infinity's Symmetry

Infinity's Garden

Infinity's Sacrifice

Then, a white black hole will appear above your base and bring all of your infinity items up. Then you get sucked in. Then, you disconnect from server, with the message saying: "You have completed the riddle. You are ready." When you rejoin, you'll have nothing in your inventory except for your uC items, vintages, exotics, and artifacts. There'll also be another item. This item is the Infinity Portal.

Infinity Items

Infinity's Illuminator

  • Desc: "Educates ore to the point where they're as smart as A.I. Provides a massive upgrade, in exchange for a long waiting time."
  • Tier: Infinite
  • Type: Upgrader
  • Source: Completing Task 2
  • Effects: Ores put in will have a 30 second put above them, then gain a 100x multiplier if the timer reaches 0. If an ore is disturbed, then the ores will only gain a 50x multiplier.

Infinity's Might

  • Desc: "This ore takes away a lot from your ores, to give a lot back."
  • Tier: Infinite
  • Type: Furnace
  • Source: Completing Task 1
  • Effects: Ores put in will have 100O (100 octillion, in case you can't see) subtracted from the ore's total value, then the remaining value will be multiplied by 100,000x.

Infinity's Symmetry

  • Desc: "This mine waits until its ore is destroyed. Then it finds the need to create a new one. If an ore survives for long enough, it will be blessed by Infinity's Power."
  • Tier: Infinite
  • Type: Dropper
  • Source: Completing Task 3
  • Effects: Ores are worth 5T, and after 5 minutes, the ore value will be multiplied by 50. Fireproof, but has no flame to count against Sakura Garden and Azure Refiner.

Infinity's Garden

  • Desc: "The Garden will always stay calming. It will upgrade pure ores at an incredibly high value. Impure ores, not so much."
  • Tier: Infinite
  • Type: Furnace
  • Source: Completing Task 4
  • Effects: Pure ores are processed at 2500x value. Other ores are processed at 2000x value.

Infinity's Portal

  • Desc: "The gateway into another dimension.... It calls you into there. Place it down and enter."
  • Tier: Infinite
  • Type: Decoration (Also Important)
  • Source: Completing Final Task
  • Effects: When the portal part is touched, you will be teleported into Infinity's Dimension.

Infinity's Dimension

When you enter, you'll spawn in a world that looks familiar to the main world, and the ground stays normal. The base stays the same, but it looks like the dimension is floating in the sky. The ground has clouds underneath it, and rocks are on the island. It also has normal looking trees, but no buildings or anything modern. There's also The Masked Man on a hill with his ice cream cart. The other islands with the jetpack and Crate Vendor are in their normal places, but the other rocks are gone. There's a bridge between the main island and the jetpack island, but none between the crate vendor and the main island. If you should fall, you will be teleported back to the normal Miner's Haven. You start with no money, but a bad furnace, dirt mine, Infinity's Portal to go back, and the Infinity Reserve button.

Infinity Reserve Button

If you press this button, your progress in the normal miner's haven will be reset to the point before you even got the infinity items. You won't have the infinity items anymore, and you won't get them back.


The Shop

The shop has the same GUI, but much different items.

Dropper Section

Dirt Mine: 50$. Drops ores that are worth 1$ every 4 seconds. Ores are brown and have the dirt texture. Ore Size: 1x1x1

Stone Mine: 150$. Drops ores that are worth 2$ every 3 seconds. Ores are stone and have the stone texture. Ore Size: 1x1x1

Iron Mine: 400$. Drops ores that are worth 4$ every 3 seconds. Ores are same as their original counterpart.

More coming soon, I just wanted to get started.

Furnace Section:

Bad Furnace: 50$. It's 1x1 units and only processes ores at 0.5x (Half) value.

Basic Furnace: 150$. It's basically the same as its original counterpart.

Enhanced Furnace: 400$. It processes ores at 125% normal value.

Meh, I'm too lazy to keep on going. I'm updating this later.

NEW Tiers

Heroic: Items worth 3sxD to 50SeV

Godly: Items worth 50SeV to 100ssTG

Sacred: Items worth 100ssTG and above...

Legacy: You get a Legacy item on every life that is divisible by 10.Items include: Void Refinery, Enchanted Graveyard,

Guardian's Start, Guardian's Enchanter, Guardian's Transport, Guardian's Death, Double Magmite Processor and Ghost Tunnels.

Cryptic: uC Items That cost 1uC to 23uC

Procifent: uC Items That cost 23uC to 584uC

Advanced: uC Items That cost 585uC and above...

Satanic: Items hard to get, and are not good but some parts are. Items include: Rusty Iron Mine, Ore Bloodifer, Blood Cell Furnace.

Get them buy sacrificing with shop items.

BerTech (Kemsku)

This type of tech would have an item that powers these items --

( BERTECH GENERATOR ) - - - - - v

( BERTECH GENERATOR ) - - - - - - - - (BERTECH UPRADER - each BerTech generator x2 up to 50)

( BERTECH GENERATOR ) - - - - - ^

The Final Dropper A.K.A The grand final dropper

All of the dropper in one mine.

Get it by getting to life S+9999

Combines ALL the droppers at once. Too lazy to do the rest. Help us out to make the rest!

The ore has a blue fire and can not be killed unless from a spore or a Freon Sprayer(Symmetryte Mine).The ore get more valuable by drop(Symcorpium Mine/Scorpium Mine). The ores can be any size(Onyx Mine). Some ores can turn into upgraders(Santa's Workshop). Yes, coal explodes the ore but gives it x5(Boomite Mine). The ore can grow but the replicated ore does not(same with 'Ol Faithful). The more money you have, the higher the ore is(Noobite Mine). Sometimes activate remote mines but does not drop fast(Wubium Mine but slower).

Yes, this this is an item... -_-