This page is about the Music that is actually played in Miner's Haven. Not to be mistaken for the Party Boombox which actually does not play music

"Need fresh music? The radio can currently be changed for 10 uC."


This is a page is related to all audio in Miner's Haven. On the bottom left corner is the Berezaa Games Radio, it's called that due to Berezaa publishing a free model of if with that name. The Berezaa Games radio has a volume control (if you want to listen to the in-game sound effects but not the actual in-game music, also a quick alternative to ROBLOX's volume control found in the ESC menu). The Radio also has three controls:

  • Selecting the Pink Icon allows you to listen to Tobu music (added in 2016)
  • Selecting the Orange Icon allows you to listen to other in-game music (added in The Ultimate Update), which can be listened to by everyone in the server. Before it would play nothing unless a user payed 5uC to play a song uploaded to ROBLOX of their choice. You can change the radio at any time, and if a song has been playing for over 10 minutes, you can change it for 5 uC. If a song has been playing for 1-9 minutes, you can change it for 10 uC, and if it has been playing for less than a minute, you can "skip" the song for 30 uC.
  • Selecting The Green Icon allows you to listen to the Global Radio. This music can be listened to on any server but costs 120 uC, to change. Players with the Executive pass can change the Custom Radio for free as long as they do not skip. The Global Radio has been a controversial feature due to users changing the Global Radio to songs that other users have found annoying (loud audio, songs designed to be low quality, and sometimes songs that aren't ROBLOX appropriate)

The Berezaa Games Radio was added back in Late 2015 but before then, Miner's Haven had only one song play in the server and has a good history of songs like so:

  • When Miner's Haven was released, the only music heard was Alumno - Solar Success
  • In the 2015 Spooky Update, the music was changed to match the tone of Halloween, a western holiday designed to celebrate people's worst fears. The song was changed to Derek and Brandon Flethcer - Dark Cemetery
  • After the event, the music was changed to Tobu - Candyland, Berezaa did not add the other tobu songs until April 2016 when it became the main in-game music until this day (sort of, it's still available to listen to in-game).

All Tobu Music

  • The dates below are inferred from seeing the dates that Berezaa uploaded the audio (you can check it out in his inventory)
  • The Start end End Times refer to the part of the song that Berezaa uses in-game (Berezaa uploaded the tobus songs long before ROBLOX changed their song limit from 2 minutes to 6 minutes).
Song Name Date added to Miner's Haven Start Time End Time
Candyland November 2015 (start) 1:45
Sapphire April 2016 0:17 2:12
Cloud 9 April 2016 (start) 2:00
Infectious April 2016 (start) 2:00
Itro & Tobu - Holiday April 2016 (start) 2:00
Colors April 2016 0:07 2:07
Tobu & Syndec Dusk April 2016 0:18 2:18
Tobu & Itro - Sunburst April 2016 0:16 2:40?
Mesmerize April 2016 0:09 2:07
Good Times April 2016 (start) ?
Tobu & Itro - Magic April 2016 0:52 ?
Sweet Story April 2016 0:20 2:19
Sound of Goodbye April 2016 0:14 ?
Tobu & Jim Yosef - Miracle August 2016 2:42 4:40
Roots August 2016 1:20 3:09 (end)

Sound Effects

Sound Effect Name Date added Into MH
Crate Opening Sound Added by the Official Release
Ore Pulsar Placing Sound The Ultimate Update
Ore Pulsar Pick up Sound The Ultimate Update
Tick (when opening Mystery Boxes) The Ultimate Update
Error (When placing items) The Ultimate Update
Rebirth The Ultimate Update
SACRIFICE The Ultimate Update
Notifcation (usually upon entering a code) The Ultimate Update
Placing Remote Item Sound The Ultimate Update
Picking up Remote Item Sound The Ultimate Update
Obtain Sound The Ultimate Update
Obtain Exotic Sound The Ultimate Update


  • In the Ultimate Update, the new GUI hid the Berezaa Games Radio from view, and therefore the radio was never changeable. Mobile users are still able to change the radio, due to the fact that they still have the old GUI.

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