"Can fire burn? The flaming incendium mine fires flaming ore that must be put it to prevent it from being destroyed. Vanishes when you Rebirth."


The Incendium Mine is a Slipstream-tier dropper for Miner's Haven. It was first revealed on Berezaa's Twitter along with several other Reborn Fusion and Slipstream tiered items.

Unlike every other dropper in Miner's Haven which produce ore straight down from their spouts, the Incedium Mine launches ore straight forward from its spout and into its flamethrower, setting ores on fire. This flame does not burn the ore however, and instead has the same properties as the Symmetrium Mine - resistance to being lit on fire. This special attribute can be removed from the ore if they pass through upgraders that take off status effects.


  • Because the flames on the ore count as an upgrader, it does not work on the Blind Justice.
  • This is the 4th item that has won a challenge in the MHCI group and been added to Miner's Haven. The other three being Aether Refiner, Blood Magic, and Breech Loader.
  • This is the only mine where the ore is shot, instead of being dropped like most other mines. The only other exception to this is the Yunium Mine.
  • The ore itself is almost exactly the same as Symmetrium Mine's ore. The only difference is it being slightly transparent.
  • Despite the description stating that the ore must be put out, it does not need to be extinguished.
  • The Incendium Mine has the fourth most powerful ore value of a non-remote dropper, and is the third most powerful Mine, beating even the Breech Loader. It is beaten only by the Remote Octagnium Mine, Diamond Breech Loader and the Onyx Mine.
  • The Incendium Mine's decal is used for the badge named 'Slipstream', and can be acquired when a user receives their first Slipstream-tier item.
  • There is an error in the description, wherein "put out" is replaced by put it.

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