"A new and sleek upgrader that upgrades ore at any level several times. Requires constant coal fuel supply."


The Industrial Ore Welder is a Rare-tier upgrader. It requires coal to power it. This item was added on April 24th, 2016 and first unveiled the day it was released on Berezaa's Twitter page. It does nothing when unpowered, but doubles the value of ore that passed through when active. It is the only Industrial upgrader in the game.


  • This item previously upgraded ore only once; it now upgrades ore up to 4 times.
  • Each coal ore powers the Industrial Ore Welder for one second. Seconds stack like the Lightningbolt Refiner's power.
  • This is currently the only upgrader in the game that requires coal to function.
  • During a Twitch stream, Berezaa said that he wants to add more shop items. He also said that he might add another industrial upgrader.
  • When looked at very closely, you will see that the conveyor of this item is made out of wood.
  • The conveyor's speed is relatively close to that of a Nuclear Conveyor when powered.
  • There was a glitch where you can get infinite money using a Hades' Fang and another dropper. When the Hades' Fang ate an ore, it was able to be upgraded again. This is now patched.
  • There is the text "Vote evanbear1 for best streamer BLOXY" that has recently appeared on the side of the Industrial Ore Welder without the coal input.
  • Industrial Ore Welder, along with many other items in the shop, were moved into Research Crates in Innovation II.