"An industrial mine that spits out $100 to $10k worth of ore every time coal hits it, depending on the color of the mine."


The Industrial Rainbow Mine is a Premium-tier mine. This is most commonly obtained from mystery boxes but can also be bought from the uC shop.

The ore value is based off of the color of the mine at the moment of receiving coal. The colors include Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue and then Purple. Ore value from least to greatest:

  • Red - $100
  • Orange - $300
  • Yellow - $600
  • Green - $1K
  • Cyan - $2.3K
  • Blue - $4.5K
  • Purple - $10K


  • The Industrial Rainbow Mine used to be part of the "Rainbow" gamepass. In it included 3 Rainbow Upgraders and 2 of these mines. At the time, it gave $1 to $400 per ore.
  • The ore gets shinier with each upgrade.

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