"A device which projects a dense ion field into the air. Any ore that passes through gets a substantial upgrade."


The Ion Field is an Epic-tier shop item released to Miner's Haven on the Summer Update of 2017.

The Ion Field upgrades ore with a multiplier of x2.5 first, then upgrades ores a further 3 times with a multiplier of x1.8, totalling for a multiplier of x14.58. It is also intended for use with an Ore Cannon, but can however also be used along the sides of Raised-ier Conveyors, albeit likely to cause clogging. Another use of these is with Loop-de-Loops, where they can be placed on the straight-up or straight-down portions of the loops, and the ores will pass through them and receive an upgrade from the loop at the same time.


  • ​The second I in the name is accidently capitalized so the item reads "Ion FIeld". There are actually 2 items that have double caps, the other being the Hyper Mine.
  • When Ion Field was released, the image was wrong.
  • You can use the Ore Hoister and this to upgrade ores two times at once

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