"This item is no longer in use and will be destroyed when you Rebirth." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"A heavy-weight mine that requires the click of a manual button to produce ore. Creates a bigger and more expensive ore." (OLD DESCRIPTION)
"Sometimes bigger is better. The ore excavator produces much larger an more valuable ore with a longer delay." (ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION)


The Iron Excavator was a Common-tier mine. Previously, it had a long drop time and was automatic, but it was changed to be powered by pressing the buttons on the back of the machine.


  • This used to be the only excavator until an update that changed the Excavators. It also used to be an automatic mine that produces big ore worth $32 every 12 seconds.
  • It has two buttons that, when pressed in quick succession, produce ore twice as fast. Other players can also press the buttons, so you can have a friend help you make produce ore much faster.
  • This mine has been removed from the game on The Resurrection Update, along with the Iron Mine variants, the turn conveyors, the Berezium Mine, and the Frostarium Mine.