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I noticed that the old submissions page was getting a bit hectic and most the things on it were features that were highly unlikely to be added or wouldn't make much sense in the game, so I created this page. PLEASE ITEM IDEAS/SUBMISSIONS ONLY, and try to keep things balanced. Please add as much info as you can and be logical; don't add ideas such as a dropper that drops ore worth a DD or an upgrader that multiplies orevalue by 2500. Fill in all of the boxes, even if it's just an N/A. Additionally, please don't remove other people's suggestions, even if you think they're a bad idea.


Item Name Item Effects Item Description Sell/Buy value Item Tier Submitter Name Model Link
Ore Equalizer Averages the ore value, ore size, and input rate of ores to make a steady str. Only accepts unupgraded ores. Won't accept it's own ores though. Averages everything about an ore to create a much more consistent orestream Buy:25B


Unique MrManTheManlyMan

(blockstar3000 on ROBLOX)


(feel free to make a model.)



It grants an upgrade of 50 for 6 ores but the next 2 upgrade by 80 N/A Rebirth with 1OVG Ultimate Cameroenese2 (Haresen12 on ROBLOX) N/A
Ore Detector functions like a Reversible Conveyor, but automatically switches outputs when an ore over a certain value passes through it Ever wanted to automate your loops? Now you can. Buy:50uc


Premium MrManTheManlyMan (blockstar3000 on ROBLOX) N/A

(feel free to make a model.)

UFO Abducts your ores, multiplies orevalue 3-6 times, then spits the ores out of the top in a random direction. Some aliens seem to have parked their flying saucer above this conveyor. it doesn't look like they'll be leaving anytime soon. Mystery Boxes during the 2017 Alien Invasion event Exotic MrManTheManlyMan (blockstar3000 on ROBLOX) N/A

(feel free to make a model.)

Collision site A furnace that processes ores at -2 to 2 during the night and anywhere from 10 to 25(higher values are rarer) The ancient crash site of an unpredictable alien spaceship. It seems to be safer during the day. Mystery Boxes during the 2017 Alien Invasion event Exotic MrManTheManlyMan (blockstar3000 on ROBLOX) N/A

(feel free to make a model.)

Stardust beams a circle with 4 beams around it. Each beam can only multiply once and only work at night

but upgrade x10 and has no cash limit

Applys stardust to ores,making them gorgeous to look at.

however stardust can only be made at night


teir 3


(awsomeayaankumar on ROBLOX)


(feel free to make a model)

Sunfury a big conveyor with a big model of the sun on it, sets ores on a red flame,destroying

them In 5 secs but multiplies 5x every second with the flame on,when it hits the sun then the ore gets a base 4x multiplier

This BURNING hot upgrader

burns your ores, destroying them quickly but giving you a good value

Rebirth teir 3 Reborn THEKINGOFTHISWIKI

(awsomeayaankumar on roblox)


(feel free to make a model)

Legendary overlord device

10000000x ore value and add your money per second to ore but only works once without tesla ressetter or anything of the sort, also doesn't

work with other overlord devices

a shrine to the god of all ores, this focuses power into ores Rebirth with broken money Ultimate THEKINGOFTHISWIKI

(awsomeayaankumar on roblox)

Pyramids Of Egypt A special furnace that processes "ancient" ores (ores that has been upgraded 10 times) at a multiplier of 145x while processing "pure" ores at a multiplier of 100x. When the Ancient Temple wasn't enough, this came in. Mystery Boxes Vintage CPRockerz

(CPRockerz on ROBLOX)

Ore Reverter Makes the amount of upgrades be zero, but ore value is divided by 3^(number of upgrades)/3

Also does not accept ores with more than 10 upgrades.

An interesting device that reverts slightly upgraded ore to its pre-upgraded state, at the cost of part of its value. Reborn Tier 9


Reborn JadeOkamii

(Okamii17 on ROBLOX)


(You can make one!)

storage deployer

does 100x and deplopys a diamond crate on your base every 10 ore an intresting furnace that deploys diamond crates every 30 ore awarded from berezza for good content ideas collectible THEKINGOFTHISWIKI

(awsomeayaankumar on roblox)

submitter's heaven

initally drops ores worth 10M.

Orevalue dobules for each submission in-game

congrats for making good submissions!

As a reward,take this

awarded from berezza for good submissions collectible THEKINGOFTHISWIKI

(awsomeayaankumar on roblox)

Autograph Decoration Item, No special effects. You met the Creator of Miner's Haven, Berezaa! Lucky you! Now you can show off his autograph to other people! Meet Berezaa in-game Exotic Anonymous Peashooter (MrWarm on Roblox)
Perfect Storm Creates an ore that (like the Clover Shrine) when upgraded, it will not be "upgraded" However, when this ore gets to the furnace, its value is halved. Things came out exactly like how they were supposed to, until the end... Mystery Boxes Exotic EtaleoLeTrickster(Etaleo_Callidum on Roblox)
Law and Oreder Gives ores a 60% chance to be upgraded 50x, 30% chance to be taken to ore jail, 9% chance to be teleported anywhere else on your base without an upgrade, 1% chance for 70x upgrade. Requires ore jail. Sends ores to the court. If your ore is found guilty, good luck seeing it again! But if the judge is biased, you'll might leave with a special surprise... Mystery Boxes Exotic Denerii(superninjago500 on Roblox) N/A
Ore jail Gives negative value to ores if it has been upgraded or from Law and Oreder. 1.1x multiplier if not upgraded before. Your ore has been sent to the slammer! Don't worry, some of them are just visiting and get a special surprise on the way out. Shop Uncommon Denerii(superninjago500 on roblox) N/A

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