I noticed that the old submissions page was getting a bit hectic and most the things on it were features that were highly unlikely to be added or wouldn't make much sense in the game, so I created this page. PLEASE ITEM IDEAS/SUBMISSIONS ONLY, and try to keep things balanced. Please add as much info as you can and be logical; don't add ideas such as a dropper that drops ore worth a DD or an upgrader that multiplies orevalue by 2500. Fill in all of the boxes, even if it's just an N/A. Additionally, please don't remove other people's suggestions, even if you think they're a bad idea.


Item Name Item Effects Item Description Sell/Buy value Item Tier Submitter Name Model Link
Explosive Fate Ores are worth $95B-$3T. The military has now participated in starting tycoons which led to the creation of this mine. It shoots ores at a pretty far range so you may have to use walls to get a good landing. Cant Buy or Sell Reborn

(Life 500+)

Rodash22 & unevenmetallic
Froster Freezes ores for 1.2-2.4 seconds then either upgrades them by 300%, add 5Qn to the ore value or subtract 5 upgrades and triple the ore value. A frigid machine that can freeze ores for a few seconds then has a choice to simply upgrade ore value, subtract upgrades or add an insane amount of cash. Buy: 2M RP or 777uC

Can't Sell

Exotic Rodash22
Bass Cannon Ores start at $150B-15T since the Bass Drop is at Normal level. If it decides to go at Light level, ores will start to become worth $1-100B, but will get bonus upgrades when those kinds of ores get upgraded. If it decides to go to Heavy level, ores will become worth $200T-2qd but cannot work on cell furnaces except Sage Justice & Blind Justice. Imagine becoming insanely rich by just starting a rave party with this spectacular machine. Can't Buy

Sell: 630qd

Slipstream Rodash22
Giant Gnarly Gunslinger Adds $1B and does x9.65. If you thought BBB deserves its name, check this monster out. Can't Buy or Sell Reborn Evolution pretty much any builder in the M.H.C.I. discord at this point.
Sentry Gun Hurts anyone not on your friends list. Shoots a bullet every half-second that deals 15 damage, but you can get damaged in the meanwhile if you stand in front of this thing when it detects and shoots an enemy. Doesn't shoot at players who are invisible with the Invisible Cloak. The Sentry Gun has 100 Health at most, and attackers can shoot at it. At 0 Health, the Sentry Gun is removed from your base back into your inventory, and you have to manually place it again. Takes cash to build/place one in the first place. "This little number only solves practical problems. Deals considerable amount of damage to enemies in its range, but don't get in its line of fire when it activates." Buy: R$150

Sell: Can't

Exotic ScarceBit

(Stampyfan2014 on ROBLOX)

Ore Equalizer Averages the ore value, ore size, and input rate of ores to make a steady str. Only accepts unupgraded ores. Won't accept it's own ores though. Averages everything about an ore to create a much more consistent orestream Buy:25B


Unique MrManTheManlyMan

(blockstar3000 on ROBLOX)


(feel free to make a model.)



It grants an upgrade of 50 for 6 ores but the next 2 upgrade by 80 N/A Rebirth with 1OVG Ultimate Cameroenese2 (Haresen12 on ROBLOX) N/A
Ore Detector functions like a Reversible Conveyor, but automatically switches outputs when an ore over a certain value passes through it Ever wanted to automate your loops? Now you can. Buy:50uc


Premium MrManTheManlyMan (blockstar3000 on ROBLOX) N/A

(feel free to make a model.)

UFO Abducts your ores, multiplies orevalue 3-6 times, then spits the ores out of the top in a random direction. Some aliens seem to have parked their flying saucer above this conveyor. it doesn't look like they'll be leaving anytime soon. Mystery Boxes during the 2017 Alien Invasion event Exotic MrManTheManlyMan (blockstar3000 on ROBLOX) N/A

(feel free to make a model.)

Collision site A furnace that processes ores at -2 to 2 during the night and anywhere from 10 to 25(higher values are rarer) The ancient crash site of an unpredictable alien spaceship. It seems to be safer during the day. Mystery Boxes during the 2017 Alien Invasion event Exotic MrManTheManlyMan (blockstar3000 on ROBLOX) N/A

(feel free to make a model.)

Stardust beams a circle with 4 beams around it. Each beam can only multiply once and only work at night

but upgrade x10 and has no cash limit

Applys stardust to ores,making them gorgeous to look at.

however stardust can only be made at night


teir 3


(awsomeayaankumar on ROBLOX)


(feel free to make a model)

Sunfury a big conveyor with a big model of the sun on it, sets ores on a red flame,destroying

them In 5 secs but multiplies 5x every second with the flame on,when it hits the sun then the ore gets a base 4x multiplier

This BURNING hot upgrader

burns your ores, destroying them quickly but giving you a good value

Rebirth teir 3 Reborn THEKINGOFTHISWIKI

(awsomeayaankumar on roblox)


(feel free to make a model)

Bigger Bertha

When ore is dropped in it the ore value is 24x its value.

Only mines like the Massive Diamond Mine and the Tiny Iron Mine can be directly dropped in. Otherwise you need an Ore Cannon/Collider.

This is also double the size of Big Bertha

Why settle for big if you have BIGGER! Increases the value of 24x if ore manage to get into Bertha. Reborn Evolution Rebirth

with 10 Big Berthas on base.


(awsomeayaankumar on roblox)

Pyramids Of Egypt A special furnace that processes "ancient" ores (ores that has been upgraded 10 times) at a multiplier of 145x while processing "pure" ores at a multiplier of 100x. When the Ancient Temple wasn't enough, this came in. Mystery Boxes Vintage CPRockerz

(CPRockerz on ROBLOX)

Ore Reverter Makes the amount of upgrades be zero, but ore value is divided by 3^(number of upgrades)/3

Also does not accept ores with more than 10 upgrades.

An interesting device that reverts slightly upgraded ore to its pre-upgraded state, at the cost of part of its value. Reborn Tier 9


Reborn JadeOkamii

(Okamii17 on ROBLOX)


(You can make one!)

storage deployer

does 100x and deplopys a diamond crate on your base every 10 ore an intresting furnace that deploys diamond crates every 30 ore awarded from berezza for good content ideas collectible THEKINGOFTHISWIKI

(awsomeayaankumar on roblox)

submitter's heaven

initally drops ores worth 10M.

Orevalue dobules for each submission in-game

congrats for making good submissions!

As a reward,take this

awarded from berezza for good submissions collectible THEKINGOFTHISWIKI

(awsomeayaankumar on roblox)

Autograph Decoration Item, No special effects. You met the Creator of Miner's Haven, Berezaa! Lucky you! Now you can show off his autograph to other people! Meet Berezaa in-game Exotic Anonymous Peashooter (RedFireDragonFlare on Roblox)
Perfect Storm Creates an ore that (like the Clover Shrine) when upgraded, it will not be "upgraded" However, when this ore gets to the furnace, its value is halved. Things came out exactly like how they were supposed to, until the end... Mystery Boxes Exotic EtaleoLeTrickster(Etaleo_Callidum on Roblox)
Law and Oreder Gives ores a 60% chance to be upgraded 50x, 30% chance to be taken to ore jail, 9% chance to be teleported anywhere else on your base without an upgrade, 1% chance for 70x upgrade. Requires ore jail. Sends ores to the court. If your ore is found guilty, good luck seeing it again! But if the judge is biased, you'll might leave with a special surprise... Mystery Boxes Exotic Denerii(superninjago500 on Roblox) N/A
Ore jail Gives negative value to ores if it has been upgraded or from Law and Oreder. 1.1x multiplier if not upgraded before. Your ore has been sent to the slammer! Don't worry, some of them are just visiting and get a special surprise on the way out. Shop Uncommon Denerii(superninjago500 on roblox) N/A
The Spider Web A raise-ier upgrader that ores fall through, similar to the Ore Steamer. It upgrades ore by 5x, however the ores fall through SUPER slowly, which may cause clogging. A spider made a magical spider web that upgrades ores in an old, adandoned upgrader. Now that upgrader has a use! Mystery Boxes Exotic (Halloween) Pinacoin (EdgyMemeLord13 on Roblox) N/A
The Rigged


Multiplies ores by 35x. Every 100th ore spawns a rigged inferno box just for you! Inferno boxes have gave up on Vintages and Exotics. This furnace rewards you the boxes that given up. Mystery


Vintage Shallowcoppwr123

(shallowcoppwr on roblox)

Last Laugh Every 50th multiple is processed, it gets processed at 400x their amount. The judges are being greedy. Every multiple of 50 gets processed at an absurd amount. Rebirth Reborn Shallowcoppwr123
Vortex Hammer A hammer from the vortex dimension that smashes ore then reflates it into its normal form. AND upgrades ore by 900x. Was recovered by the mighty lord berezaa from a banned dimension. Rebirth Reborn NotmyrodrickM8

(espnsemas on ROBLOX)

Solar Drill Sets ore on fire before it burns in the next 2 seconds. And doubles by 1200x. Forged from the sun, while making it the sun almost exploded, too. Rebirth Reborn NotmyrodrickM8

(espnsemas on ROBLOX)

Cactus Mine Spits spiky, prickly ore worth the same as a Diamond Mine Sold from the Masked Man. He said he found it in the desert. Masked Man Contrabrand NotmyrodrickM8

(espnsemas on ROBLOX)

Positronium mine Spits ore every 5 seconds worth 1 quintillion. Ore value is halved for every added positronium mine. Ores work with cells (takes 10 seconds to process). Ores get destroyed within 30 to 90 seconds of being dropped in an explosion This incredible mine produces insanely expensive ore, if you can sell it. Level 11 rebirth (1000+) Reborn Rinat1234567890 N/A
Neon Mine Mines blocks of bright, glowing Neon. Ore is worth anywhere from 10B-100B$. The ore will turn to its former liquid state 2 minutes after it's mined. This mine produces epic blocks of Neon. The ore turns to liquid if not processed in time. Mystery Boxes Vintage Flostin1

(unknon1 on ROBLOX)

Dimensional Bubble Turns ores into spheres (20% chance, 5x multiplier), pyramids (20% chance, 7x multiplier), flat squares (20% chance, 9x multiplier), flat circles (20% chance, 12x multiplier), flat triangle (19.9% chance, 17x multiplier), or a diamond gem shape. (0.1% chance, 100x multiplier) Can be used multiple times, shape will change every time. (Unless you get the same shape again. Then the shape stays the same.) This upgrader peeks into other dimensions to change your ores shapes. Results vary. Level 11 Rebirth (1000+ Rebirths) Reborn Weird Polygon Alt (ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX) N/A (Feel free to make a model.)
Overlord's Bane A very large red sword which does 70 damage per slice. Takes 1.5 seconds to recharge and adds 15 walkspeed when equipped. An overlord needs protecting, so these swords came with the device. It's probably overkill. Comes with Overlord Device Ultimate Weird Polygon Alt (ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX) N/A
True Overlord's Bane A very large purple sword which does 90 damage per slice. Takes 1 second to recharge and adds 20 walkspeed when equipped. Replaces Overlord's Bane when gained. The True Overlord is on a whole other level than The Overlord. So, we made these swords even more overkill. Comes with True Overlord Device Ultimate Weird Polygon Alt (ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX) N/A
Star Plasma Manipulator The upgrader can only upgrade ores that are dropped resistant to fire. (For example, the Symmetrium Mine) All other ores are destroyed. This one time use upgrade (Tesla and Ultimate Sacrifice is usable) will increase an ores value by 2000% (20x). It will also make ores unaffected to explosions, similar to the Molten Forge. Will kill players upon touching the upgrader. Plasma from the center of the neutron star will forge ores into the most resistant metal on the planet. It's SUPER hot, and it's not that useful unless your ores are born resistant to fire.  Rebirthing (Slipstream) Slipstream Weird Polygon Alt (ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX) N/A
Star Dimension Manipulator This upgrader, like the Star Plasma Manipulator, can only upgrade ores that are dropped resistant to fire. This upgrader will turn the ores into a flat semi-circle (20% chance, 15x multiplier), a flat heart (20% chance, 20x multiplier), a flat oval (20% chance, 25x multiplier), a flat rectangle (20% chance, 30x multiplier), A flat six point star (19.9% chance, 50x multiplier), or a flat five point star. (0.1% chance, 120x multiplier) Can be used multiple times, shape will change every time (If you don't get the same shape. Then the shape stays the same) The newly implemented star plasma holder can smelt the ores into much more complex shapes. However, this makes the upgrader VERY VERY spicy. Results vary. Milk not included. Rebirthing After First Sacrifice (Very very rare) Reborn Fusion Weird Polygon Alt (ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX) N/A
Rupee Mine

This dropper drops ores of different colors every 3 MINUTES. Normal Rupee dimensions are 1x1x1. Big Rupee dimensions are 3x3x3. Works on cell furnaces. The colors range from green (1B Value, 30% chance), blue (5B Value, 20% chance), yellow (10B Value, 15% chance) red (20B Value, 10% chance), Purple (50B Value, 5% chance), Orange (100B Value, 5% chance), Big Green (50B Value, 5% chance), Big Blue (100B Value, 3.5% chance), Big Red (200B Value, 3.5% Chance) Silver (500B Value, 1.5% Chance) or Gold (1T Value, 1.5% Chance)

We took a portal into a new universe, and there's some pretty valuable stuff there. However, it takes a long time to find it. We're pretty sure the drops are worthwhile. Obtained from boxes (Only from 1st July - 31st August, 1% chance of obtaining) Exotic Weird Polygon Alt (ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX) N/A
Ore Funnel A conveyor which can move ores from Raised-ier Conveyors onto Tiny Conveyors or upgraders with high efficiency. Shaped like a funnel as the name suggests. Like the waterpark ride you went on, but for your money! Buy: 120M

Sell: 36M

Rare Chickenological N/A (Feel free to make a model)
Warmonger's Soul A mine that drops stupidly expensive ore, anywhere from 600B to 15T. However, these ores are very small, always connected by some unknown force, and decrease the multiplier of cell furnaces. Also, the connections can be broken by a Wild Spore, Azure Spore, or Tesla Resetter. Connected ores aren't accepted by the Sakura Garden or Azure Refiner. A powerful being, a sentient mine. Produces extremely valuable ore, but its power overwhelms cell furnaces. Level 11 Rebirth (Life 1000 or higher) Reborn UnderpsAreDerps

(ShadowSanae on roblox)

N/A, but she is planning to make the model herself.
Luminiferous Aether A furnace that multiplies ore depending on its value similarly to the Dreamer's Anguish, but if the ore value is below 1 quadrillion, the ore is tesla-reset and teleported back to the mine it came from to be upgraded to 1 quadrillion so the furnace doesn't have to keep whisking ores off to their mines forever, just for a while, or one to two whisks. Send your ores to the luminiferous aether, and hope that they don't get shot back at light-speed. Boxes, any time of year but only for those on Team Day. Exotic UnderpsAreDerps

(ShadowSanae on roblox)

N/A (Feel free to make a model.)
Moonflower A furnace that captures the nearest 6 ores when the lights in your base turn off and the sun rises, and it can only process ores at night. When night falls and the Moonflower opens, the caught ores will be processed by x250. Normally, it multiplies ores that make it in by x50, and also, the furnace elevation is way-up-high, so it's recommended to boost your ore into the Moonflower with raised-ier conveyors since nobody can trust an Ore Cannon or Ore Collider. The beautiful Moonflower opens only in the night, and looks like a regular flower from above. However, if it captures ores in its cycle, they are processed at insane values. Boxes any time of the year, but only Team Night members have this appear in boxes. Exotic UnderpsAreDerps

(ShadowSanae on roblox)

N/A (Feel free to make a model)
Solarpower Upgrader This upgrader only works during daytime or if a light source is near the solar panel. The upgrader only does a 2x upgrade due to its simplicity. This upgrader uses solar power to increase the value of your ores. Be sure to keep a light source near the solar panel.

Buy: 450B

Sell: 200B

Super Rare Weird Polygon Alt (ThirdTimeTheCharm on Roblox) N/A (Feel free to make a model)
Overtime Clockwork This upgrader works like a Clockwork, but with 2 beams which move left and right like a scanner, but much faster (It goes from one side to the other in half a second) Each beam does a 2x upgrader, which can do a 32x total upgrader. however, it's hard to get all the beams. Ores can go through up to 10 beams if you have multiple of these, which can lead to a 1048x multiplier. This clockwork got impatient, and went crazy. The beams move extremely fast, but can give a massive upgrader if you use this enough. Tier 12 Rebirth (Rebirth after First Sacrifice) Reborn Weird Polygon Alt (ThirdTimeTheCharm on Roblox) N/A (Feel free to make a model)
Crate Dropper

This furnace, albeit useless, can help you if you want a lot of boxes. It proccesses ores at 0% value. If you give it 10 ores, then press the button on the back of the upgrader, either a regular crate (When pressed during day) or a shadow crate (when pressed during night) will drop. If you give it 25 ores then press the button, a gold crate will drop. If you give it 50 ores, a normal unobtainum crystal crate will drop. If you give it 100 ores then press the button, a lucky crate will drop. A special message saying An artificial Lucky Crate has been created!" If you give it 250 ores and then press the button, a large unobtanium crystal crate will drop. If you give it 1,000 ores and then press the button, a diamond crate will drop. If you give it 1,000 ores and then press the button, a diamond crate will drop. A special message saying "An artifical diamond crate has been dropped!" Next to the button, there will be a monitor saying how many ores have been proccessed, and the counter will go down depending on the crate dropped. You can't change the type of crate dropped when you reach the ores needed.

This furnace uses the ores you give it to drop crates. If you give it enough ores, you'll get better crates. Did we mention you can control when the crates get dropped? From boxes (From June 4, 2017, to August 31, 2017. 1% chance.) Exotic Weird Polygon Alt (ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX) N/A (Feel free to make a model)
The Sun Dragon A portable upgrader that only turns on in the day, and can multiply ores by 5x on the first passing, and 2.5x every time after. Can only upgrade ores 5 times, and it has no money cap since it's portable. As you can guess from the name, it's a Team Day Exotic. It also is the first item to be able to upgrade from above the conveyors it's supposed to attach to, as in not touching the ground at all from any unit. Taste the sun! This upgrader loves the sun and refuses to upgrade without its power. It also hovers above the conveyor... that's nice. Boxes, but only those on Team Day can obtain this. Exotic UnderpsAreDerps

(ShadowSanae on roblox)

N/A (Feel free to make a model.)
Rave Glowsticks A scanner with a red and green beam with the same multiplier on both, and both can multiply a single ore. However, they can only hit ores 6 times, and have smaller fine-points than the Clockwork. And, that multiplier is 3x. These also produce red and green light in the night. It's a rave party! Raves aren't very dangerous, so it's perfectly safe to upgrade your ores with the lights. Boxes, but only for Team Night. Exotic UnderpsAreDerps

(ShadowSanae on roblox)

N/A (Feel free to make a model.)
Dragonglass's Might A furnace which processes ore at x142. Every 7th ore's ore value is multiplied by 10x with a cap of x365. If paired with a Dragonglass Mine, it processes the ore at x500. Every 7th ore is multiplied by x30 with a cap of x365. Accepts upgraded ore. Also works as a cell furnace. Everyone grows stronger over time, and so does this furnace. Pair it up with a Dragonglass Mine and you will be greatly rewarded. Reborn Reborn Fusion HowToPG

(G4mingCheat on ROBLOX)

NA (Feel free to make a model.)
Bloodsoul Hunter A furnace that process ore at x10. Every 10th ore's a soul will be spawn at player base after picking up will increase multiplied of the furnace by x5 and the blood will be rarer and multiplied x10 cap at x1000. After filling full the cap it will process an evil witch laugh. The cap only process ore more than 10 Sp for 3 seconds after processing the first full cap ore.o The Light Of Northen has fallen and the hunt is begin, so you better hide from this. But one of the hero has kill Vampideath(fusion of vampire and death) and this turn into a statue. After year of year, a devil smith find this and forge into a furnace with a curse:who have this will be Vampideath and must continue hunting. Reborn(rarer than the Northen Light, increase chance in each tier,Halloween Exotic ) Exotic Duc205

(duc205 on ROBLOX)

N/A (feel free to make a model, also i will try to make one soon)
Solar Deadly Laser A scanner and furnace upgrader, this combo only works during the day. If used during night, ores will not be upgraded if hit by the scanner and will be processed at 0x value if processed at night. The scanner moves in a circular motion and is about as thin as a clockwork. If touched by the beam, it exponentiates the ore's value by 1.1, and then the ore goes straight into the furnace.  The furnace processes ores at orevalue^1.01. The Sun Is A Deadly Laser! The scanner part moves in a weird motion, but both parts provide a massive boost to your ore's value. Mystery Boxes (Exotic from Jul. 15 to Aug. 31) Exotic Weird Polygon Alt (ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX) N/A
The Master Sword The ultimate Furnace, Upgrader, and dropper combo, it has 3 different parts. The furnace part works exactly like an excalibur. The upgrader part uses the status of the furnace, takes the total stored value, and then adds the total value to the ores that touch the upgrader. The dropper does the exact same thing, take the sum of all stored values in the furnace then drop an ore with the total value. Dropper does not work on cell furnaces (Duh, that would be super OP.) The Master Sword uses its power to store an ore's value for all of the parts to use. Truly a piece of art. Tier 12 Reborn (Rebirth after first sacrifice, rare as Northern Lights) Reborn Weird Polygon Alt (ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX) N/A
Verum Libatis This dropper has a furnace behind it, which only accepts ores worth over 500DD. All ores put in that are under that value are destroyed. When the ores are put in, they are proccessed at normal value. After 500 ores have been processed, the dropper activates for 30 seconds. Every half second, an ore that's worth 500DD base value will be dropped. And this works on cell furnaces, making it extremely powerful. Your Verum Libatis awaits. This dropper uses the values of the sacrificed ores to create a new ore with an outstanding value which works on cell furnaces. Your Verum Libatis is here. Tier 12 Reborn (Rebirth after first sacrifice, rare as Northern Lights) Reborn Weird Polygon Alt (ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX) N/A
Space Case It will give you random weapon(every weapons and gear) also have small chance to give you space weapons and other kind of weapon(other weapon and space will be added later. This case isn't normal case, this crazy thing is from space after the war when planet MH-2571 being destroyed and one alien name Berreeza(not to be rude) put all the remain weapon on his planet to this space case and send it through space, after year of year, when a human named Berezza find it and open it and put all of his weapon in it, but when he bring it and someone stole it and selling it(mask man/icecream man) and putting it on the lottery jackpot(rigged boxes). Buy from headless santa(I think) for 2-3k Uc and from boxes, only from Black Friday to the end of that month. Exotic Duc205(duc205 on Roblox) N/A (feel free to make a model/also will try to make the model soon)
HYPED Conveyor this work the same like the normal conveyor but with wall and super fast speed, faster than the current fastest conveyor. You know when Delayzza has an upgrade for MH, the HYPED train will come but if you late you can't chase it. Now you can't be late with the speed of the HYPED train. Get from code when Berezza post about new upgrade like the Anicent conveyor Collectibles Duc205(duc205 on Roblox) N/A(I will make a model soon)
sAniC coNVeYoR This conveyor is a walled conveyor which runs at a sanic speed of 5000% speed. meeMz soN! this meeM conveyr transports ore at a sanic speed. its so fast!1!!11!!!!111! Codes Collectible Weird Polygon Alt (ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX) N/A
Ore Shooter This upgrader is very special, and the conveyor is 5x as long as a normal conveyor and runs at a normal speed. When ores are on the conveyor, the pistol will target the most valuable ore, and then shoot it once, waits 2 seconds and then targets and shoots the second most valuable, third most valuable, etc. After it shoots 8 ores, it has to reload. It takes 20 seconds to reload, and then begins the cycle again. If a targeted ore goes off the conveyor, then the pistol will go to the next most valuable ore. If an ore which is worth more than the other ores on the conveyor, the pistol will target that ore, not shooting the previously targeted ore. If the ore gets shot, it gains a 2x multiplier. If a player gets hit by the pistol when it shoots, the ore does not get an upgrader and the player takes 50 damage. If an ore is shot by an ore shooter more than three times by this upgrader, it will be destroyed. We used a weapon to shoot your ores and create a pretty hole in it to make it more valuable. It hurts people, though so stay safe. It only targets valuable ores. Unique

Buy: 500T

Sell: 300T

WPA (Weird Polygon Alt, ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX) N/A
Ore Pummeler This upgrader, like the pistol upgrader, has a long conveyor which is 4x the length of the normal conveyor. The gun is also replaced with an AK-47.  The gun uses the same system as the When an ore is on the conveyor, the AK-47 will target that ore, then shoot it 15 times in quick succession. If the AK-47 wants to target a different ore, it just keeps on shooting as it aims for that other ore, shooting other ores while aiming. Then, it waits 5 seconds and shoots the second most valuable. If an ore is shot 30 times due to it being targeted by two seperate ore pummelers, it will be destroyed. For every time an ore is shot, its value is increased by 10%, doesn't stack. If a player is hit by a bullet, the player takes 10 damage. Things are getting serious... We used a much better gun to shoot ores much quicker. However, these holes are not worth as much. This upgrader does put a lot though. Epic

Buy: 10 Qn

Sell: 5 Qn

WPA, You know what my roblox account is. (Weird Polygon Alt, ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX) N/A
The Eggxotic This easter upgrader drops eggs from the top droppers (One on the top left, top right, and top middle). When the dropped eggs touch the conveyors, the eggs will disappear. Then the eggs will drop again after 5 seconds. If an ore should touch an egg, the egg wil disappear and the ore will get a 15x upgrade. Can only upgrade ores once. Counts as 3 upgrades.

This "punny" upgrader will only upgrade ores if the ores touch the eggs! It's hard to time when the eggs will drop, but the bonus is massive. Easter Exotic.

Exotic Boxes (Every Easter Event) WPA, ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX N/A
Ore Shotgun This gun actually shoots ores. Every 9 seconds, this dropper shoots 15 ores that spread out in a large area. Each ore is worth 15M, and the ores work on cell furnaces, if you can get them in. The ores are a standard size. (1.2x1.2x1.2) We got tired of making gun upgraders, so we made a gun dropper! This dropper is messy though, but the ores are worth a ton! Legendary

Buy: 25 Qn

Sell: 13 Qn

WPA, ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX N/A
Ore Rocket Launcher This ore upgrader uses a rocket launcher, instead of a direct gun. It follows the same Gun AI as the Ore Pummler. The reload time is 15 seconds, and the wait time in-between shots is 3 seconds. The Ore Rocket Launcher can shoot 5 times before reloading. When a rocket hits an ore, the ores surrounding it in a 5x5 tile radius will get a 5x upgrade. Ores cannot be hit more than 3 times or they will be destroyed. Will deal 99 damage and cause the hit player to go flying on impact. Conveyor is 5x as long as a normal conveyor. Hey, we thought instead of putting a better gun, we used a rocket launcher! This will upgrade more ores at once, but leaves ores at risk of being destroyed. Reborn Tier 2 Reborn (Rebirth after Life 5, Genesis Exclusive) WPA, ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX N/A
Ore Sworder This upgrader is a chamber in which ores go through, and there are 3 swords on the wall. Every 2 seconds, a random sword will go down and slice an ore. You can view the ores being sliced on the wall opposite to the walls with the sword with the glass wall. If an ore gets hit, the orevalue will be tripled. If ores are hit twice, ores will be destroyed. If a player gets hit, the player takes 30 damage. Using swords to slice your ores is a genius idea! This machine will slice the ores for you, but they may destroy them as well. Some ores might not even get hit! Good luck! Rare

Buy: 500M

Sell: 250M

WPA, ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX N/A
Venomshank Upgrader This upgrader works exactly like the ore sworder, but there are four swords, and every 5 seconds a random sword goes down. If an ore gets hit, the ore turns green, and gets a 10x upgrade. However, every second, the ore will lose 1% of its value, doesn't stack. If the ore stays "infected" for 100 seconds (Effect will be reset by teslas, value loss will be stopped) then the ore will be destroyed. If a player is hit, they will take 40 damage and will be poisoned and take 3 damage a second for 50 seconds after that. This upgrader uses much more powerful swords, but the ores will get poisoned, eventually giving out, and disappearing. Reborn Tier 3 Reborn (Rebirths 10+) WPA, ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX N/A
Darkheart Upgrader This upgrader is exactly like the venomshank upgrader, but it uses darkhearts. When hit, ores will turn black. Then, the ores will lose 99% of their value and the remaining value will be exponentiated by 1.2. If a player is hit, they will be instakilled and the hit body parts will turn black. The Darkheart's uncontainable power has been given to you for one life. Use it wisely, as it is very powerful. Slilpstream Rebirthing WPA, ThirdThymeTheCharm on ROBLOX (Notice Anything Different?) N/A
Emperor Contraption This upgrader does a 5x upgrade to every ore put through, no catch. Stacks with overlord and true overlord device. This knock-off machine will give your ores a good upgrade, but nothing special happens. Stacks with the overlord devices. Reborn (Not even ultimate)

Rebirth with 500 O+

(500 octillion)

WPA, ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX N/A
Wubium Dependant Upgrader This upgrader only activates whenever a wubium activates a remote mine. The signal then activates the upgrader for 5 seconds. If an ore should touch the activated upgrader, the ore will get an amazing 20x upgrade, without any limit or catch. If an ore should touch an inactive WDU, then it will only gain a 2x upgrade. This upgrader is dependant on the Wubium Mine's signals for it to be activated. It does a massive upgrade when activated. Exotic Mystery boxes, can only be obtained if you have the wubium mine and only from July 23rd to August 31st. WPA, ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX N/A
Dreamer's Insight This Schrodinger type upgrader has a 40% chance of removing 10% of an ore's value and then multiplying the remaining value by 20. It has a 20% chance of removing 50% of an ore's value then exponentiating the remaining value by 1.2. It has a 20% chance of removing 99% of an ore's value. It has a 10% chance of taking increasing the ore's value by 150% and then exponentiating by 1.21. It has a 10% chance of making the ores disappear. The lucid dreams use their power to do amazing things to your ores.... For better or for worse. Reborn Tier 3 Reborn (Life 10+) WPA, ThirdTimeThecharm on ROBLOX N/A
Forgotten Alpha This cell furnace exponentiates your ore's values by 2, making it extremely valuable. No catch. Doesn't process upgraded ores. The power of this cell furnace is unfathomable.. Its power surpasses the power of everything else. Although it's forgotten, you have found its power. Use it carefully. Reborn Rebirth (Rarer than Northern Lights) WPA, ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX N/A
Freon Glass Blaster This blaster upgrade your ore by 2, can upgrade ore unlimited time but instead of blow/kill/burn ore is de-fire and froze ore(10-15% it happen, also help me at the percent).Froze ore will be unable to upgrade 5 seconds next 5 seconds it won't be able to move after 5 more seconds it will break and the ore is destroy.You can de-froze by burning them. This blaster will de-fire the ore instead of burning/killing/destroying them but what the point of that when your ore will have chance for being froze and it will be broked. Although it will froze the ores, someone miner find a way to de-fire it by using fire upgrader to de-froze it. Contraband Buy form Maskman/Icecream man from 1000Uc-2000Uc or 1mil-2mil Rp Duc205(duc205 on ROBLOX) N/A
The Mine Miner This miner mines a mine shaped ore every 30 seconds. This miner ore is worth 1-5T. Every 5 seconds, the miner ore drops an ore. This ore is worth 2-10B. Not compatible with Cell Furnaces. Inception... This inception mine drops mini droppers ores which drops mini ores. The mini droppers and its offspring are very powerful. Contrabrand Buy from Masked-Man (2-4M RP, 1.5k-2.3k Uc, Soulbound.) WPA, ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX N/A
Tesla Turret This Ore Shooter type upgrader is pretty unique. It follows the same AI as a normal ore shooter, and it takes 4 seconds between shots (No reload needed) When the ore is shot, a "lightning bolt" will upgrade the first ore by 500% (5x), then upgrade another nearby random ore by 400%, then the bolt will chain to another bolt and upgrade it by 300%, then 200%, 150%, and finally, the last ore will be upgraded by 125%. An ore cannot be upgraded more than 3 times or else it will be destroyed. The tesla turret uses the power of electricity to lightning bolt to different ores. The later an ore is upgraded by a chain, it will get a lesser upgrade. Tier 4 Reborn Rebirth (Life 20+) WPA, ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX N/A
Sushi Upgrader This upgrader has a sensor at a back, and when any ore goes in, it will be destroyed. When another ore goes in, a "Sushi" ore (An ore with the bottom half the color of the first ore and the top half with the color of the second ore on the top) will be dropped. The ore will have the combined value of the sushi and it will have 0 upgrades on it. It basically works as an ore combiner and a tesla resetter combined. Yummy! This delicious upgrader will sushi your ores together into a different ore which upgraders think are completely different. Exotic Mystery Boxes (August 2nd to August 31st) WPA, ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX N/A
SuperRisker This upgrader is super risky.. There's a 99.9% chance of ores getting destroyed. If not destroyed, the ores that survive get a 1,000x upgrade.  The SuperRisker is super risky... One out of every thousand ores will make it through.. and get an upgrade that's unfathomably large. Slipstream Rebirth WPA, ThirdTimeTheCharm on ROBLOX N/A
Aether Depleter Closes when an ore is processed for 5 seconds. Ore processed will be processed at 275x. The Aether Depleter rejects when an ore is processed with a staggering multiplier that will surely deplete an ore good. Evolved Reborn Rebirth with at least 8 Aether Refiners in your Basel, Aiyanite, Cheesey115 in ROBLOX N/A
Hologramic Slasher Duplicates your ore to 4 ores and will upgrade furnace's multiplier by 25x (upgrades cell furnaces multiplier by 50,000,000x) if ores come here and all hologram ores will be non-upgraded so they can be used in cell furnaces. Risky, but awesome. It duplicates your ore and acts as a tesla hat resets your ore upgrades and at the same time, give all of your furnaces an advantage. Exotic Boxes (November 1-15) Aiyanite, Cheesey115 in ROBLOX N/A
Sulfur Mine Ore worth $1-$100. Also upgrading furnaces and upgrades ONCE. This odd looking mine produce ore that upgrades upgrades and furnaces by 3x. Only upgrades once. Exotic Boxes or Code thomasher05
The Lost Mine Ores are worth $2985629610 to $39759368976. Ores can be round, square, or rectangle. "A mine has been lost for YEARS. We somehow made it work, but the ore is not right...", said the Masked Man. Controlbrand(fix please) Buy: 7777777 Uc. $9999999999999999 cash. Can't sell. thomasher05