JAK'UHFDOR is the 3rd Merchant that appeared in Miner's Haven and it replaced Headless Santa in the New Year's Mini Update. It somewhat resembles a spider.

Items JAK'UHFDOR sold

Items in 2016

Did not make a reappearance.

Items in 2015


  • It has been refereed to as Jak'ufhDUR and Jak'ufhDOR, as an advertisement says JadkufhDUR, and Miner's Haven says Jak'ufhDOR.
  • A tweet by Berezaa himself says JakufhDAR with no apostrophe. In the game, when Jak'ufhdor restocks its inventory, it is referred to as Headless Jak'ufhDUR.
  • Bezaa tweeted that ROBLOX user Skelet0n created JAK'UHFDOR, the user is known for making some of the maps that have appeared on Miner's Haven.