The Jetpack is a ROBLOX gear that became obtainable in the Outdoors Update in a tree. The jetpack's location was constantly changing prior to Easter 2017. The Jetpack is mainly used to reach heights that the player could not reach normally or with other gear or infusers. The jetpack was important for reaching The Masked Man on tall trees and mountains. To activate the jetpack you equip it and use left click. The jetpack is hard to use in 3rd person as it usually slows down gravity for the player. After R15 support was added in Miner's Haven. The jetpack has not been available from 03/08/2017 to 04/15/2017 due to the Ultimate Sacrifice Update. However, during the Easter 2017 Event, you can get the jetpack, which is under the ocean. By doing a small obby, you can receive The jetpack. There is an island called Easter Island out in the ocean, and to get there you need at least 1 jetpack, although 2-3 are recommended. You can also get the Jetpack by getting it from the Executive Crates.

Also, during the Summer 2017 Event, you can grab a jetpack from behind a rock on a remote island. There is another island that has the Crate Merchant on it that you can fly to. You at least need 1 jetpack to reach the island and back. The R15 bug is now fixed.

Aswell, during The Resurrection Update the jetpack was changed to top of a tree after the broken bridge. With the map changes, you can use the jetpack to reach high points now, and not islands. The jetpack not working for R15 players was fixed and now stays on the back of the player.

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