"John Doe can't hack your account, but he can give you 30 Gold Clovers if you beat his trial!"

A view of John Doe's Trial with the Planet Mars Black Friday Artifact.


John Doe is an NPC that appears in "Play Solo" for the St. Patrick's Day event. He hosts an obby that you can attempt in order to obtain 30 Golden Clovers. It can only be completed once. The obby at some points have what appears to be solid objects in some places, however, these places are not solid and should be checked with the camera. On top of that, the boards in the obby are not anchored, and if the player jumps while on one, they will flip the player off.

Note: Infuser buffs and items will be stripped from you at the start of the obby to prevent cheating.


  • The Mars location makes his skin appear brown and red.
  • The Mars location also has lower gravity for the obby, making it semi-easier if you own the gamepass sold during Black Friday 2016.
  • In other instances, John Doe is actually an account created by Roblox for testing purposes. However, it has long been abandoned.
  • Berezaa most likely added him because of the "JOHN DOE IS HACKING ROBLOX" clickbait videos.