"For all things kappa invests your ore into dank memes. The value of all processed ores fluctuates with the market of dat boi."


The Kappa Investor is an Exotic-tier furnace obtainable from boxes paired with a Twitch Coin. The Kappa Investor processes ores at a starting multiplier of 0.5x, but this multiplier is doubled for each ore that it processes until the multiplier reaches 64x, where the multiplier then resets back to 0.5x.

This means that at its best, this furnace can be better than The Sunken Past, Dark Magic, Sage Redeemer, Dreamer's Fright, Dreamer's Might, most of the shop's furnaces, and many more.


  • The Kappa Investor was the 8th tree furnace to be added in Miner's Haven. Other examples include the Dreamer's Fright, Eternal Journey, Dreamer's Anguish, The Dreamcatcher. Ambrosia Forest, Sakura Garden/Sakura Falls, Ancient Magic, Equinox, and Dreamer's Might.
  • Its name is most likely based off the popular "Kappa" Twitch emote, making a joke or representing sarcasm.
  • It has a similar effect to the Birthday Cake as the Birthday Cake starts at x1 - x100 then restarts back.
  • The Kappa Investor is one of the 2 exotics that are not removed from boxes as they normally do. The other one is another Twitch item, the Twitchite Mine.