"A large converter-type ramp that is used to move ore up to a raised-ier conveyor."


The Large Conveyor Ramp is a conveyor piece that can load ore onto raised-ier conveyors such as the Raised-ier Conveyor, all 3 Two-Level Conveyor Pieces, raised-ier upgraders such as the Way-Up-High Upgrader, Molten Upgrader, Freon SuppressorOre Transistor, Alien Relic, Ore Replicator, Satellite Beam, and the Ore Recliner.


  • It is recommended to have Conveyors (Unstable, Tiny or Basic) before the LCR that aligns ores to the left side of the conveyor. This prevents ores from clogging for the most part.
  • It is also used to counter the Ore Illuminator's 5 second wait.
  • This item was often mocked for its ability to clog setups due to its narrow passage. The item was tweaked several times in futile attempts to counter such clogging, and the problem persisted until the Life-Saving Update in November 2017 which made all ores non-CanCollide, eliminating the possibility for clogging.