"A large converter-type ramp that is used to move ore up to a raised-ier conveyor."


The Large Conveyor Ramp is a conveyor piece that can load ore onto raised-ier conveyors such as the Raised-ier Conveyor, and all 3 Two-Level Conveyor Pieces. and raised-ier upgraders such as the Way-Up-High Upgrader, Molten Upgrader, Freon SuppressorOre Transistor, Alien Relic, and Ore Replicator.


  • It is recommended to have Conveyors (Unstable, Tiny or Basic) before the LCR that align ores to the left side of the LCR, to avoid clogging.
  • It is also used to counter the Ore Illuminator's 5 second wait.

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