"Increases the value of all ore that passes through by 35%. Doesn't not affect ore worth more than $5,000. Use a lot of these upgraders to get money fast."


The Large Ore Upgrader is a Common-tier upgrader that upgrades ore value by 35% (1.35x multiplier). It's the first upgrader you can obtain that upgrades with a multiplier, and it has an upgrade cap of $5000.


The large ore upgrader has a long conveyor with two pillars connected to it. Connected to the towers are rods, that along with the smaller two pillars, hold a yellow upgrader beam.


  • The in-game description says "it doesn't not affect ore" which is either a typo or it's supposed to be a double negative to say it can upgrade ore worth more than $5k. However, this is most likely a typo, as it only upgrades ore under $5k.
  • There is a second version of it called Solar Large Upgrader that has solar panels attached to it. The Solar Large Upgrader has the same conveyor speed as a Solar Conveyor.
  • The Rainbow Upgrader and Festive Spirit both bear a very similar appearance to this item, though the Festive Spirit has a more original style and theme.