"A powerful upgrade with no limits and potential for high upgrades. Requires power from clicks to operate."


The Lightningbolt Refiner is a Reborn-tier upgrader that was released on November 1st, 2015 at the end of the Spooky Update.

The Lightningbolt Refiner can only be activated by pressing a green button on its right, and the click activates the upgrader for 0.7 seconds. These clicks stack, you can have it activated for several minutes if you spam the button or use an autoclicker. When the Lightningbolt Refiner is yellow, it means it's currently activated; when it's black, it will not affect ores in any way.

If the upgrader beam is yellow, ores that touch it will have their value multiplied with a multiplier between x1 and x7. If you use 2 Lightningbolt Refiners, the total multiplier will be between x1 and x49.


  • This was the most powerful upgrader in the game and was used to get the Overlord badge, until Berezaa updated the game on November 12th, 2015 and made the upgrader only fully reliable for 2 times. Since then, it is not recommended on loops since it is unreliable and unpredictable.
  • Some big ores like Newtonium Excavator or Diamond Breech Loader ores cant get passed the "wires" put onto the upgrader. This can be bypassed with an Ore Cannon or Conveyor Ramp.
  • The conveyor elevation is slightly lower than many other conveyors causing problems with ores when making turns.
  • Instead of "upgrader", it says upgrade on the item description.
  • Before the RNG-based effect that destroyed ores was introduced on this upgrader, it could've been used to get a cash suffix called "1.#INF". Players who obtained this suffix had their data completely wiped upon rejoining the game and it would be impossible to recover the data, since it was patched before adding the data restore place.