"You do a loop-de-loop and your ores are lookin good! Can upgrade ores many times as long as it is used in quick succession."


The Loop-de-Loop is a Mythic-tier upgrader brought into the game on the Summer Update of 2017.

The Loop-de-Loop brings ores in a loop-de-loop conveyor and first multiplies any ore by x3, then x2 afterwards up to $100de. If an ore is already worth $100de or more, it only receives a x3 upgrade. Loop-de-Loops must be used in 3 seconds or less from each other, or the upgrades will not stack.

As the Loop-de-Loop has an unusual conveyor, ores need momentum first before they can successfully travel through the upgrader. For this, the user needs conveyors with fast speed; Nuclear Conveyors (or anything similar) are recommended.


  • The first half of the description is a reference to the "Tie your Shoes" song from the cartoon Spongebob Squarepants.
  • The Loop-de-Loop and the Ore Scanner are the only upgraders with an upgrade cap greater than the cost of the item.
  • Previously, the Loop-de-Loop had a broken hitbox, thus being able to have multiple placed in one spot allowing for overpowered upgrades. Broken hitboxes were fixed on 06/07/2017.