Miner's Haven 2 is a April Fools' event for Miner's Haven. The game was announced on Berezaa's Twitter tweets and Twitch streams, and development won't fully engage until Berezaa gets accepted into the ROBLOX Accelerator Program (something that won't happen until mid-to-late 2017). Berezaa has announced that perks players bought from Miner's Haven will be transferred to Miner's Haven 2.

Gameplay Differences from Miner's Haven

  • 8-player servers from the original 4-player servers.
  • Customizable signs that can be placed in the base.


  • Miner's Haven 2 will not replace Miner's Haven - both games will exist and operate independently.
  • On 3/26/17, Berezaa tweeted "M I N E R ' S H A V E N 2". It was deleted shortly after, but many people got pictures of it.
  • On stream, Berezaa said MH2 will NOT be happening, however, he is/will start working on a game that will use some Miners Haven elements.
  • This game was started by Mah_Bucket, and was helped with by JadeFIames and Phenite.

April Fools Day


Players had set objectives to complete while playing the game. Upon entering the game, the player had to travel to a cave with a resized berezaa NPC. After talking to him, players received a 'shopping list' that had several objectives in order for players to complete the quest. After players complete all the objectives, they went back and talked to berezaa again. As a reward for completing the objectives, players were given three Fool's Gold Mines in the Easter update of Miner's Haven.

Objective #1: $5,000 Meatball

Players were required to buy the 'Spicy Meatball' from the shop. To complete the objective, you only had to make the meatball worth $5,000, but not process it. This led to the easiest way to complete the task, using the Spicy Meatball and the Slam Pad. Completing this task rewards you with the sound, "Now that's a spicy meatball."

Objective #2: Religious Artifact

Players had to cross the river on the opposite side of the cave with berezaa, turn right, and head into a dark cavern with only a partially complete floor to grab an egg that looks like the Bubble Bee Man hat. Completing this task rewards you with the sound, "Congratulations! You found religion."

Objective #3: Cool B-Ball Trickshot

Players had to purchase the Basketball Furnace and the Slam Pad. Players then had to launch ores using the Slam Pad five times before landing inside the furnace. Completing this task rewards you with the sound, "That's what I call a slam dunk."

Other facts

  • Miner's Haven 2 is filled with memes.
    • You could say it's "meme-themed."
  • Berezaa released "Miner's Haven 2 ALPHA TESTING" that is a April fools joke game.
  • This game was released on 4/1/2017 along with the code: FASTBOIS and smolpals.
  • MH2 uses a map that can hold 8 players but the servers are limited to 6 people.
  • You automatically have ONE "Stale Meme Mine" and a "Spicy Furnace". These were replacements for the Basic Iron Mine and Basic Furnace.
  • Upon entering the code "FASTBOIS", it will give you a "Sanic Infuser" and the tier is "Secret Meme".
    • And if you enter "smolpals", it will give you a "Smol Infuser" and the tier is "Secret Meme".
    • If you enter in the code "2hipster4twitter", you will recieve 30 Extra Ancient Conveyors.
  • The map is mostly pink, green and grey with 8 baseplates for each player, different colors.
  • Your character is forced to use R15.
  • Your character can also have modifications at random: Shortness, Skinniness, Small Head, Shortness and Big Head.
  • On the ocean, there is a picture of Robbie Rotten dabbing.
  • All of the voices in the game were recorded by Mah_Bucket, not berezaa.
  • The sun in MH2 is very bright, with a lot of lens flares.

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