!!!WARNING!!! Please be careful when downloading files from unknown sites.

This calculator lets you select a mine, all the upgraders you want, and a furnace. Then, it calculates the value of an ore when it goes through all the upgraders and the furnace.

Download here:!adslEQ6B!i4JIu8SlXoADVUy1B26jCC9qlnbpk-3YajD55wEyJVs

Download Source Code Here:!7oFygbSQ!V0mwBFnsHc26q9Fc9SElSHHaQAp-8iW8gxm0jzsFBFM

How to use:

  1. Open the program

2. Select a mine

3. Select one or more upgraders (not necessary with a cell furnace)

4. Select a furnace

5. Click the calculate button to calculate the minimum, average and maximum value of the ore