"Turns you into an adorable mini-you! Also makes you super fast. Does not stack with other infusers."


The Mini Infuser is a Vintage-tier infuser that was released on June 10th, 2017 along with Part 2 of the Summer PVP Update.

Its purpose, upon touching the pad, is to make your character small and increase your walkspeed.


  • The Mini Infuser is the second infuser to become a Vintage/Exotic-tier item; the first being the Haunted Infuser.
  • This is the only infuser that has a statue on it and the only infuser made of the "Fabric" material.
  • The infuser isn't made exactly of "Fabric" material, as you can see on the thumbnail, the part behind the infusing part is made of "Diamond Plate".
  • This infuser almost has the same purpose as the Smol Infuser from Miner's Haven 2 April Fool's Release; only difference is that this infuser boosts speed and has the size of the standard infuser.
  • Equipping some gears with this infuser equipped causes your character to fall through the ground, causing you to die. This occurs with the following gears:
    • Banhammers
    • Jetpacks
    • Executive Miniguns

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