"Turns you into an adorable mini-you! Also makes you super fast. Does not stack with other infusers."


The Mini Infuser is a Vintage-tier infuser that was released on June 10th, 2017 along with Part 2 of the Summer PVP Update. What it does is to shrink your avatar, and gives you a significant speed boost.


  • The Mini Infuser is the second infuser to become a Vintage/Exotic-tier item; the first being the Haunted Infuser.
  • Your head and hats will move down with your body, but will not shrink.
  • This is one of two infusers that has a statue on it and uses the "Fabric" material, the other being the Giant Infuser, an artifact item.
  • The infuser isn't entire made of "Fabric" material, as you can see on the thumbnail, the part behind the infusing part is made of "Diamond Plate."
  • This infuser almost has the same purpose as the Smol Infuser from Miner's Haven 2 April Fool's Release; only difference is that this infuser boosts speed and has the size of the standard infuser.
  • Equipping some gears with this infuser equipped causes your character to fall through the ground, causing you to die. This occurs with the following gears:
  • Before 2018 Valentine's Day, this item only set body part size, therefore it could only be used once even with a Resetting Infuser.
    • Ever since the patch, it's now possible to develop super-midgets which makes the ground glitch out as you move. Due to your extremely small stature, holding almost any gear will cause you to warp outside the map and subsequently die. You will also make really short jumps.