"Mithril is a once-mythical material used to create powerful weapons and armor. It fetches a hefty price."


The Mithril Mine is an Epic-tier dropper. It is the most expensive mine to buy that costs less than 25Qn (the price for the first five rebirths).


  • In fiction, Mithril is known in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit franchise as the "Mithril coat/shirt", the one Frodo and Bilbo used to defend themselves from attacks. It is also known as armor in Greek Mythology. However, whether this is truly the inspiration is debatable, as the ore is colored blue. It could be that the ore was inspired by Mithril equipment in Runescape.
  • The description used to be the same as the Opal Mine. This was later corrected.
  • This mine was the most expensive in the game until the release of the Summer Update.
  • Some players think that this mine would work better than Painite Mines in a rebirth setup because Mithril is worth more. However, Painite can be cloned easily with an Ore Replicator and doesn't escape Schrodinger Evaluators as easily.
  • This item used to be the only mine that had an ore that didn't exist in real life until other mines were released, including Newtonium, Spookmaster-5000, Firecrystal, and Unobtainium.
  • This mine is often compared to the Schrodinger Evaluator due to its similar aesthetic design.
  • In late 2015, Berezaa changed its ore value from $34k to $17k after removing vital info from the shop. The value has since then returned to $34k.
  • Although this mine was not released with the 'GRAND OPENING' version of Miner's Haven; which became Classic, this is included in Classic. This is most likely because it came out on the day directly after.

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