"The Molten Forge melts ore until extremely durable versions of themselves. Once an ore is cast, it is affected much less by explosions."


The Molten Forge is a Contraband-tier upgrader in Miner's Haven added on 04/09/2017 and is sold by the Masked Man.

When an ore touches the Molten Forge's upgrader part, the ore's value gets doubled and makes the ore fly much less farther when exposed to explosions from items like Schrodinger Evaluator, Big Bad Blaster, etc.

The ore's color is changed to orange and has its texture changed to the neon texture to resemble a molten effect. The ore is also unable to travel upwards on a Large Conveyor Ramp or Conveyor Ramp.

After 1-5 seconds, the ore becomes more resistant to explosions, has its ore value doubled again, and the ore's texture changes to the metal plate along with having its ore color changing back (the color may look different due to the texture, this is normal with ROBLOX). The metal plate texture is supposed to represent the ore's toughness.

This makes it very useful to use in explosion loops so that your ores do not fly away. The Molten Forge disappears from one's inventory upon rebirth. The Molten Forge can only be used once as normal, twice with a Tesla Resetter, and 3 times with The Ultimate Sacrifice.


  • In the testing place, Berezaa had to reset the servers several times due to the model having a lot of errors.
  • When Berezaa was trying to figure out an effect for an ore on Twitch, he did an experiment on ROBLOX Studio with two ores: one with a density of 1 and another of 100 and made the ores explode. the one with 1 density did not survive while the one with 100 did.
    • As a result, Berezaa made this upgrader give ores a higher density (the exact number is unknown) to give it much greater resistance to explosions.
  • When looping, the ore can turn into a brown ore with the diamond plate texture. These ores are the same as the ones with high resistance to explosions
  • The Molten Forge paired with a Newtonium Mine's ores will make them extremely dense.
    4-9-2017 MHLogo

    Miner's Haven Icon after the update on 4/9/2016 which included the Molten Forge.