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If you have at least one mystery box, an icon show on the GUI button based on the rarest box you currently have, box image and icon change accordingly.


Mystery Boxes are items in Miner's Haven that can be obtained through Research Crates, Codes, buying them with uC, and buying them from Merchants using ROBUX. Opening daily gifts also give Research Crates, but users with certain perks are given bonus free mystery boxes. Mystery Boxes give out random items based on what box you open. The rarer the box is, the higher tier of items that the box has to offer. Mystery Boxes can give out shop items, any item from the uC shop, Vintage items, and limited time Exotic items. In April 2016, Berezaa made mystery boxes and lucky clovers save when leaving and joining the game.


An example of the current box-opening GUI.


Mystery Boxes previously cost crystals to open (5uC for Regular Boxes and 10uC for Unreal and Inferno boxes). This was removed on April 20th, 2016 and now all mystery boxes are free to open. You can also buy 1 Regular Box for 15uC and 1 Unreal Box for 40uC or an Unreal Bundle for 75 R$. Inferno Boxes are 25 R$, from The Masked Man, or any other merchants.


Box modifiers are items that affect a mystery box in some shape or form. These effects buff the box by modifying it to some extent. They are shown in the GUI, and using a box will (by default) consume one of each modifier. As of October 8, 2016, you can now toggle the use of Box Modifiers. For some odd reason, the settings only save for the lucky clover. The twitch coin modifier will always be enabled when you join a server.)

Lucky Clovers


Lucky clovers were first added in December 2015. They work by removing shop items (which are highlighted white). If a box does not contain white-highlighted items by default, the box will only have the perk of higher tiers becoming more common, meaning Vintage/Exotic items would have a boosted appearance rate. up to Lucky Clover can be found in Diamond Research Crates, and receive one clover per Gold Research Crate provided the player has the Premium Gamepass. Clover Crates can give players 1-3 Lucky Clover, look at the chat every now and then for a crate notification as they can be very beneficial. Clovers can also be purchased from NPC Vendors such as the Masked Man for R$10. Finally, they can be produced by the Flying Dutchman, provided that the requirements are met. Lucky Clovers have been heavily criticized with claims that it makes no difference in the items you receive, sometimes even described as making the mystery box "rigged"; however, it actually does increase the chance to get a Vintage/Exotic-tier item, and the item won from a Mystery Box is pre-determined the instant you open it.

Twitch Coins


Twitch coins were added on 5/20/16. They work by filling up the box with twitch-related items. Note that it is not guaranteed to unbox a twitch-related item, as regular items will still appear in the box. They can be obtained through codes released on Berezaa's twitch channel (


UltimateUpdate BoxGUI

The newest box GUI as of the Ultimate Update

To open Mystery Boxes, click on the image on the right side of the screen right below the Daily Gift icon (for Xbox one users hit X bringing you into inventory, then hit LT to show the box GUI). As of the Ultimate Update, the button in the HUD will not be visible unless you have some boxes in stock - it still functions like normal, however.

Click on the box you want to open. When opening a mystery box, it shows a slider with squares the represent items passing by. The box eventually stops at an item and makes a spinning animation and then shows an "open another" button if you have another of the same mystery box (As of The Ultimate Update the item awarded no longer spins, it just becomes brighter). There have been instances of Mystery Boxes lagging and awarding the item before the box finishes spinning. Starting in April 2016, the pointer in the Mystery Box GUI started losing accuracy.

There are five different types of mystery boxes. Be warned when unboxing- the mystery box system is a cruel system and there will be often many instances of getting really bad items (ex. Giant Doge Plushie, Unobtanium Flooring, Walls) or being one tick away from a vintage/exotic. 

Regular Box

A basic mystery box. Anything could be inside!
BuyValue: 15uC (1 regular box)


The most abundant box, the regular box which tends to award shop items (based on how much money the player has) and low-cost premium items. It has a chance to come from all research crates, excluding the shadow crate. This is currently the only box to give white labeled premium/refined items. This is the worst crate but can usually give the rarest items [exotics, vintages] because of their abundance.

Unreal Box

Contains better items. Small chance to turn into Magnificent Box.
BuyValue: 40uC (1 unreal box), R$75 (5 unreal boxes)


Unreal boxes are harder to get than regular boxes but contain more expensive premium items and a higher chance of vintage and exotic items. Berezaa also added a 1% chance for the box to open a Magnificent box, which is better than an Inferno. The chance is 4/100 (1/25) for Premium miners. It can be bought for 40 uC, appear in your Daily Gift, or a chance from Shadow/Diamond/Gold Boxes. Executives used to receive one in their Daily Gifts, but now they receive a free Inferno box instead. White labeled items may appear, but they are shop items and may vary depending on your money.

Inferno Box

A box as fiery as it is rare. Contains great items.
BuyValue: R$25 (1 inferno box)


Inferno Boxes were introduced in the Spooky Update and have a high chance of an expensive premium item or a vintage/exotic. These boxes can be attained through Diamond crates (though an incredibly small chance), bought from vendors and by redeeming codes. Inferno boxes can also be obtained from Executive crates, which can only be obtained through a daily gift when the player owns the Executive gamepass. Inferno boxes also have a higher chance of being found in Executive crates than Diamond crates. Executives also receive one free Inferno box when opening their Daily Gift, along with the chance to unbox one from the Executive Crate. Also, Inferno boxes can also be attained by rebirthing at any life but with a 1/6 chance and giving you a server notification saying "As you ascend into a new life, an Inferno box joins you." The chance of obtaining an Inferno Box from rebirth can be increased if a player skips lives, an Inferno Box guaranteed if a player skips 5 lives in 1 rebirth.

Spectral Box

A strange box that you found on the map. Vanishes when you leave the game.


BuyValue: Can't Buy

Spectral is the best box in the game having an amazing 35% vintage chance, while aswell can only being obtained randomly on the map, the box will vanish away once you leave.

Red-Banded Box

A shady box with a favorable attitude towards... unique... items. Vanishes when you leave the game.

BuyValue: Can't Buy

Red-Banded Boxes were introduced in the Resurrection Update. No information is known about them yet.

Magnificent Box

BuyValue: Can't Buy

Magnificent boxes are the most powerful boxes in Miner's Haven. There is no other way of receiving these other than the chance from an Unreal box. There's a 1% chance of getting it from Unreal boxes (4% with Premium Mining pass). An announcement appears when you unbox one. This box appears to award only the most expensive Premium-tier/Refined-tier items and Vintage-tier/Exotic-tier items.

Un-Rigged Box

BuyValue: Can't Buy

Un-Rigged Boxes are boxes introduced in Part 2 of the 2017 Summer Update. These boxes have a chance of appearing when opening an Inferno, Magnificent, or an Unreal Box. They're meant to troll the user by "un-rigging" the box. These boxes cycle through all the vintages and exotics, then land on something the user probably didn't want (i.e., Unobtanium Mine surrounded by vintages). You have a chance to obtain vintages/exotics, but it is extremely rare from these boxes. These boxes were added under the running gag of users complaining of bad luck from Mystery Boxes, claiming that they were rigged.

Winning Announcements

When a player wins an item, an announcement will be announced, depending on the item the player gets. The item highlight depends on how much cash you have as well. (EXAMPLE: if you have 7.5k and a Rusty Wall is worth 3.5k, it will be highlighted green in a box)

If a player wins a white-highlighted item, indicating it's worth very little, this announcement is announced in black with a white highlight:

<USERNAME> won x1 <ITEM>!

Lucky, Unreal, Inferno, Un-Rigged, and Magnificent Boxes do not feature white-highlighted items. (note that Unreal can have white-highlighted items, but only for shop items)

If a player wins a green-highlighted item, indicating it's a little pricey, this announcement is announced in black with a green highlight:

Cool! <USERNAME> won x1 <ITEM>!

Inferno, Un-Rigged, and Magnificent Boxes do not feature green-highlighted items.

If a player wins a yellow-highlighted item, indicating it's a bit expensive, this announcement is announced in black with a yellow highlight:

Wow! <USERNAME> won x1 <ITEM>!

Magnificent Boxes do not feature yellow-highlighted items.

If a player wins a dull red-highlighted item, indicating it's pretty expensive, this announcement is announced in black with a red highlight:

Woah!! <USERNAME> won x1 <ITEM>!

All boxes feature these items.

If a player wins a one-life Contraband item from a mystery box (crimson highlight with The Masked Man's mask and a 'C'), this announcement is announced with The Masked Man's laughter and the following highlight:

Shhh! <USERNAME> won x1 <ITEM>!

All boxes feature these items. Note that on the XBOX and Mobile GUIs this is labeled as a hot-pink highlight (see below).

If a player wins a hot pink-highlighted item with an 'R' on it, indicating it's VERY expensive (depending on how low your cash is), a fanfare is played^ and then this announcement is announced in black with a pink highlight:

OMG!! <USERNAME> won x1 <ITEM>!

All boxes feature these items.

If a player wins a Vintage item (dark blue-highlighted item with a 'V' on it) or an Exotic item (bright sky blue-highlighted item with an 'X' on it), a fanfare is played^ and then this announcement is announced in black with a blue highlight:


All boxes feature these items. Please note they are also the rarest and sometimes may never be seen in boxes.

An announcement followed by a(n) Vintage/Exotic unbox is announced on all servers in black with a greenish-blue highlight:

<USERNAME> unboxed a(n) Vintage/Exotic <ITEM>!


^ - For the 'OMG' and Vintage unboxes, a fanfare is played. For the Exotic unbox, this is played.

Items In Circulation


  • Oasis (5/28/2017) [Summer Update 2017]




  • Mystery Boxes can contain any item in the game, with a few exceptions. They do not contain certain weapon givers, outdated exotics, rebirth items, a few select items (such as the Pineapple Refiner), and 3 specific vintages. The Executive Pillars can only be obtained from the Executive Mining game pass, the Sword's Master Spirit is only obtainable by once purchasing the Sword's Master Pass gamepass, and the Ore Encapsulator was awarded to beta-testers.
  • When a box is opened, if pointer goes to the middle of two items, it will always choose the item on the left. This also applies to when the pointer is one tick away from the item to the left. (This has been somewhat fixed as of the The Ultimate Update, though it is still reported that the pointer is still somewhat inaccurate.)
  • Sometimes when the game is loading, a message will say "Inferno boxes are rigged!" This was probably added because of people complaining about bad luck from Inferno Boxes.
  • The exotic highlight color has underwent multiple changes. First off it was purple (Initial introduction on Halloween 2015), then it became orange (Spring 2016), then it was later changed into sky blue in the Outdoors Update. The sky blue color is still used today.
  • Berezaa has confirmed that the second you open a box, the item you will get is already set.
  • Inside the inferno box picture, you can (barely) see the Spooklord-95,000.
  • The line "Inferno Boxes: No longer rigged" appears in the 2017 Summer Update Mini-Patch and Part 2 changelogs over at This odes to the Rigged Inferno Boxes running gag where players would complain from bad luck from Inferno (and other) boxes.
    • This may also ode to the "Removed Herobrine" running gag, where the Minecraft Update Changelogs would include "Removed Herobrine" at the end of the changelog.

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