"A powerful cell furnace that prefers natural (more expensive) ore." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"A compact upgrader that increases the value of un-upgraded ores under $1,000 by x25,000 and ores over $1,000 by x200,000,000. Gives 10 points per 200 ore." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Nature's Grip is a Reborn-tier furnace with a natural forest-like appearance. Nature's Grip is one of the two cell furnaces in the game that treats ore with different value differently and is one of the only cell furnaces with just one restricted side.


  • In the Miner's Haven Classic, this actually accepted upgraded ore which lead players to use Cursed Ore Purifiers & Schrodinger Evaluators to jump-start them to mid-quintillions.
  • The item's hit box doesn't cover the entire model, just the furnace part and one side of it.
  • Many low life people can use this to rebirth quickly, but other cell furnaces can outshine this one.
  • There is rumor that this will be fused with Scorching Heat.